Nail art: Purple

I know I've been a MIA for the past 2 weeks but im back alive and kicking. been busy with so many things I need to distress, What should I do to unwind and freshen up? of course nothing but nail art! =) Thoug I have been lacking up posting I'm updated with you post. I love all the nail art you did it keeps me alive apart from the happiness I'm getting from my family and friends ^_^

Polish used:
Chifure in purple with micro shimmers!
water decal sticker in silver - first time to use this , at first I thought this was a sticker but to my surprise "How to peel this sticker?" oh! it's a water decal sticker. not a pain to apply it butadded work in cutting then dipping it to the water for 20-30 seconds is needed.
I used a silver sticker not too visible I have a gold one will post a different blog for that

Have a great weekend!


Nail art: Blue

Hi fellas! long time no post =( I was busy with my online work, dayjob, kids, hubby, house and errands from my tita...sched but now im back!

I made this as my NOTD for this week. base used was Elianto in Turquoise stamp it with image plate (I dont have the number because it's big image plate), stamp again with using white special nail polish. Oh! for the first full nail stamp I used Blue special nail polish. top it off with Chifure clear nail polish.

I love the outcome of nails in time for a friday night out! i'll be retrench in my current company me and my co-Japanese worker will have a farewell dinner at Sambokojin eastwood. will post some pics later =)

Have a great friday!



Green: Makeup for morena

Hi fellas! here's my green NOTD because I'm feelin' green =) joke! Just want to play with my makeup I came up with this ^_^
I love green! green is so refreshing in the eyes, the color of nature and peace. back when I was still learning on how to put makeup I didn't know that it can actually look good with morena. Green is hard to blend you need to know the good color combination.

When I was young I thought the only beautiful are the one's blessed with white skin but I was wrong being morena has it's unique beauty that fair skin doesn't have. whatever it is I think it's different from person to person.

Don't have work today so I had time to play with my makeup.

Primer: Dr. Oil solution makeup primer
Kokuryu summer cake in summer tan
88 shimmer palette
Etude house liquid eyeliner
Maybelline volum mascarra

The face shop eyebrow cake

Blush in the 26 neutral palette

Ever Bilena matte lipstick in Mauvey

Guerlain in Mystic

Dark green eyeshadow

Kokuryu foundation in Summer tan

Sorry the eyeshadow was blinded by the flash, Etude house liquid eyeliner, Dr. Oil makeup primer of EH, EB mauvey

Guerlain highlighter in mystic, the brown eyeshadow I used for blending, My makeup palette bought in robinson galleria 26 & 28 both neutral shadows, 78 with blush and matte shadows, 88 shimmer eyeshadows
My daughter woke up just in time I was finishing my makeup session =) 


US Woman nails world record - for nails

bump into Yahoo news just want to share the picture of the 45 year old grandmother strutting her long long nails with gold nail polish. I wonder how she would manage to clean herself with these nails.

Did you know that she can still send text message to her friends and relatives using a Blackberry? how amazing @_@

I wonder how many bottles of nail polish she needs to use for her long nails?

See the whole article here and pictures



Bobbie in glaze dazzle

 Nail polish that I really love from a local brand here in the Philippines. This gorgeous nail polish is from Bobbie nail care. I bought this nail polish 2 years ago. I have post bout this nail polish but wanted to repost for my new followers to see. According to bobbie it has keratin, good for ur nails ^_^.

A holographic nail polish that can be an alternative for a high end brand nail polish. it has different holo effect depends on the angle.Sorry I forgot the price am not sure if this collection is still available or not.

 I just love love love this nail polish. let the pictures speak for itself. enjoy!

Holo holo holo!
And the winner is! 
Such a beauty

No flash

sexy and beauty

Nail polish you might want to check!
Glow in the Dark Neon Nail Polish (6 Pack)
All About Nail 48 Piece Color Nail Lacquer (Nail Art Brush Style) Combo Set + 6 Sets of Fruit Scented Nail Polish Remover - Magical
Kleancolor Neon Nail Lacquer 6 Colors Set


Miss Universe 2011 winner

Congratulations, Miss Angola (Leila Lopes) for winning the Miss Universe title.

2nd Runner Up: Miss Ukraine

3rd Runner Up: Miss Philippines

4th Runner Up: Miss China

Question for Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup at the Miss Universe 2011 Q&A portion: Would you change your religious beliefs for the one you love?

Her answer: I will not change my religion to marry the one I love. If that person loves me, he should love my God.



NOTD: Sassy nail polish in Almond

I made this simple nail art using Sassy nail polish in Almond. Bought this in Watson for only Php18.00. A nail polish that really satisfy me because the color payoff is so great.

Application was easy though the brush is stiff and tiny but still maneagable. Little streaks here and there, drying time, about an hour or so.

Over all I love this nail polish! Because it compliments my skin color. If you want a gray color nail polish I would recommend this for you. Just be sure to apply base coat to protect your nails.

Products I used:
Elianto nail strengther
Sassy nail polish in Almond
Crayon nail polish silver glitter
Jelly top coat from Etude house
For tips BK nail polish in Blue
Sticker bought in 168 mall

                                                                    Happy monday!

Ilog Maria Lip balm

Bought this lip Balm in Tagaytay when hubby and I ate at Leslie's restaurant bought this for P125.00. Double the Price than the actual Ilog Maria Farm. I think it will only cost you Php60.00 if I'm not mistaken. I love the minty effect and the taste is the bomb! I love it to bits. I can apply this to my lips over and over ^_^.

I also have the maybelline lip balm ^_^
What's your fave lip balm?



NOTD: Candy nails

Gudeve! I had the time to change my nails before going to bed. enjoy!

The final look
before stamping 

Nail Polish I used: BR802,YL701, PK105,Jelly pop nail top coat, GR503,PP401

                                              cute eh? i love it. I'm into multicolors nowadays
magandang gabi!


NOTD: Rainbow nails

Goodmorning everyone! This is my NOTD for today. Actually it’s been in my nails for 2 days. As writing this post my nails is chipping. This is the call for a new NOTD?? =)

I used Chifure nail polish in this rainbow nail art and stamp an image to complete the nails. Have a great Thursday morning!



Nail polish: Chic in Frosty Rose

HI blogworld! gloomy day to all! I am sleepy all day here at work was lazy to do a blogpost. before logging out I still manage this quick post. nail polish Chic a local brand in Frosty Rose Php32.00
 pesos only. not bad :) got to go home, I miss my daughter. bye fellas!


makeup remover

After makeup session you have to remove the colors in ur face. I’m always using Biore liquid makeup remover. Been using this for quite a while.I've been using this since I learned how to put make up on. Using this I don’t have to play tug of war with my lids Boire and my bare hands is enough to remove my makeup. Even the tiniest line in my lower lash line or the waterproof mascara is perfectly removed. After removing my makeup I always dab my face with Seba med water base facial moisturizer.

Over all I will still continue using this. As it gives me perfectly no makeup face =) dunno if this product is available locally. I have my dearest aunt to refill my bottle everytime my bottle is empty. If my aunt’s package come late I have to find alternative product. Luckily, not happening yet.


makeup: Plum look

Made this look yesterday while my world is quiet and serene. This is my time! My time to explore what I really want to do. My time to unwind. My time release my stress. Why? Because my uber active baby is sleeping =)

Made this look after watching the makeup tutorial vid of Xteeener did my own version of her Plum passion FOTD…a youtube Guru. Been watching her since her first videos but I stopped because no time for Youtube anymore.

 I mostly watch spongebob, Disney movies, tom and Jerry and a lot more of Disney and nick. I don’t complain coz I found the kid in me again. This time with my daughter though. It’s fun being a kid again having quality time with my daughter, dancing, micmiking what the cartoon character does. Kids are full of energy it’s fun to be with them…when they don’t have tantrum.

Anyway, here’s what I use:
Elianto concealer
F21 tea tree foundation in # 4
Highlighter: guerlain

Sorry for the messy brow I don’t have time to trim and prep it
The face shop designing cake eyebrow

From the palette

Nichido’s lip liner
In2it matte lipstick with Vit. E in the center # 8



Nail polish: Jordana in Mardi Gras and Ruby Slippers

Happy saturday! Enjoying my weekend with my daughters. House is a mess but I don't mind I will let them play until they get tired I'll just blog here and wait till they doze off. 
for today Jordana nail polish bought in Dollar store Sta Lucia branch. each bottle cost Php99.00.
Red is Ruby Slipper while the Blue one is Mardi Gras. I love the name of blue. if in code i won't mind typing it :). anyways, have a nice weekend! 



Makeup: Blue

Happy Friday fellas!

Did this makeup few days ago. I miss full makeup. A makeup for party or gimmick. I don’t have much time for party because I have a little kid to take care of after work. A house to manage and a husband to maneuver…joke =) love u hon…

I used ……hmmmmm…..Foundation Kokuryu in summer tan .78 palette not from coastal scent though but the product is the same so you’ll have an Idea. Elf eyeliner, Ever bilena matte lipstick in Mauvey, on my cheeks Nichido in Cool rum.
I love this eye color it’s a combination of Royal blue and dark blue/navy blue. Will try to post the picture im lazy in doing makeup and take a pic everytime I use an item.

I love Friday! This kind of makeup should be wear in a days like this, bu tI don’t have enough time to prep up myself before going to work.



Stamping nail art and Matte top coat

This me trying my matte top coat and stamping nail art.
Short post for today. Continuation from my  post below.
Closer look. no top coat.Period (^_^)V

Wow! thursday na. can't wait to take my off ~_~



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