makeup: Plum look

Made this look yesterday while my world is quiet and serene. This is my time! My time to explore what I really want to do. My time to unwind. My time release my stress. Why? Because my uber active baby is sleeping =)

Made this look after watching the makeup tutorial vid of Xteeener did my own version of her Plum passion FOTD…a youtube Guru. Been watching her since her first videos but I stopped because no time for Youtube anymore.

 I mostly watch spongebob, Disney movies, tom and Jerry and a lot more of Disney and nick. I don’t complain coz I found the kid in me again. This time with my daughter though. It’s fun being a kid again having quality time with my daughter, dancing, micmiking what the cartoon character does. Kids are full of energy it’s fun to be with them…when they don’t have tantrum.

Anyway, here’s what I use:
Elianto concealer
F21 tea tree foundation in # 4
Highlighter: guerlain

Sorry for the messy brow I don’t have time to trim and prep it
The face shop designing cake eyebrow

From the palette

Nichido’s lip liner
In2it matte lipstick with Vit. E in the center # 8


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