Green: Makeup for morena

Hi fellas! here's my green NOTD because I'm feelin' green =) joke! Just want to play with my makeup I came up with this ^_^
I love green! green is so refreshing in the eyes, the color of nature and peace. back when I was still learning on how to put makeup I didn't know that it can actually look good with morena. Green is hard to blend you need to know the good color combination.

When I was young I thought the only beautiful are the one's blessed with white skin but I was wrong being morena has it's unique beauty that fair skin doesn't have. whatever it is I think it's different from person to person.

Don't have work today so I had time to play with my makeup.

Primer: Dr. Oil solution makeup primer
Kokuryu summer cake in summer tan
88 shimmer palette
Etude house liquid eyeliner
Maybelline volum mascarra

The face shop eyebrow cake

Blush in the 26 neutral palette

Ever Bilena matte lipstick in Mauvey

Guerlain in Mystic

Dark green eyeshadow

Kokuryu foundation in Summer tan

Sorry the eyeshadow was blinded by the flash, Etude house liquid eyeliner, Dr. Oil makeup primer of EH, EB mauvey

Guerlain highlighter in mystic, the brown eyeshadow I used for blending, My makeup palette bought in robinson galleria 26 & 28 both neutral shadows, 78 with blush and matte shadows, 88 shimmer eyeshadows
My daughter woke up just in time I was finishing my makeup session =) 


  1. you're so gorgeous.... I'm jealous >.< haha :) the make up makes you refreshing :) keep up the good job! you're so gorgeous! <3

  2. @Onikachan Thank you so much sis!

  3. OH MY GOSH!!!!! I love this.. Hehe. Green is my fave color. I'll definitely try to do this make up. Thanks for this!

  4. @pam i will wait for that ^_^ excited =)


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