Chifure Nail polish

I had this as a gift from my Tita living in Japan. A nail polish from japan J just like TFS names are in code did not bother to list it kasi in numbers eh. Anyways sorry I don’t have swatches will post as follow na lang J tamad mode ba ito?

Ela’s 7th birthday on Saturday August 20, 2011
Yay! Excited, pressured, & nervous all at the same time. Not a big celebration though. Because we’re tight in budget but we made sure na special pa rin kasi 7th bday. No catering, special performance etc… kaya total hands on kami magasawa and her lola. Goodluck hopefully a successful birthday party for her tomorrow.

Happy 7th bday ela! Weloveyou

Cute glitters, soft and funky colors will swatch this asap

Pink and peach nail polish from...dunno

Lovelots, Eye

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