Nail polish haul: Etude House and The face shop

I heard a lot about Etude house having a good quality of makeup and nail polish for a very affordable price. Never been to any of Etude house boutique until me and hubby went to SM Masinag which is just a few minutes away from our house. EH is such a heaven I love the design of the store so girly and ambience can make you calm. I just hate the SA talking with each other. Personally I also hate SA na makulit. I’ve been a nail polish junkie 2 years ago I bought some of Elianto which is Korean product also like EH. And some of TFS which I also adore because of nice color and staying power is ok with me. I don’t mind chiping nails as I tend to change my NP every now and then. Every time my nail polish chipped I am more happy because I can change my nail polish ^_^ but if I don’t have time sorry to my nails =( .

I started buying TFS nail polish when I start here in my current job because there’s a store near our office so every payday I buy at least one bottle or if I have extra you know where my foot will lead me TFS store or watson :) predictable me. Also it has Watson here I can buy Cutex,bobbie,Caronia,Crayon ….etc and anything I need for me, kids and hubby’s stuff. The location on where am working now such a convenient for me because I got all I need here and the best of all it’s near our house 15-20 mins away by scooter.

Jelly pop (top coat Php198.00) GR604(light green or teal?),BR305 platinum brown,WH701 HD black chrome,WH 702 gray with glitters,BR 303 brown @ Php99.00 each

I hate when the name of the color is in code. I usually read the name of the color if it me even though the color is not pretty enough I would but it because of the cute name attach to it. primarily I bought this bcoz of color.

Upon writing this I just went from lunch break I need to write this and make a chismis to what I saw. Went to Watson I bought a Cutex nail polish in Debutante (light pink) wen to cashier to pay the damage. I stop by to ELF and saw that they have Nail polish na! not a lot though pero pede na..im like in a heaven I wanted Elf nail polish long time ago pa. I know I can buy it online but I prefer personally bought because I want to buy what I really want and check it personally. they also has this black book in 100,70 something ,and 38. I want to buy the last piece which is 100 palette I want it now! but the payday is on friday pa sana walang bumili nun....I'll post the pic next time my first nail polish from Elf in Royal purple. Im excited to swatch na.
My The face shop nail polish haul let's start with GR 502 , SL 211 glitter, BK901 Php185.00 each
YL701 Yellow, PK105 Pink, BR802 Nude, PP404 Purple Php95.00 each

I love this trio
loads of glitter for a funky look or if u want to stand out apply this to ur nails 4 coats!
Loving this dark NP it has glitter on it with mud like color....tama ba?
lastly, I dunno if it's blue or black it has glitter on it blue and green. it change color whenever it  hits light

Sorry for the long post.

ame de suberiyasui node chuui shite kudasai ne. (Due to continous raining the road/street is slippery please take extra care.)


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