Hell-o! just want to make a quick post about pancake..who wouldn't love pancake in the morning? or even in the afternoon?may pancake na sosyal tignan like the picture below


If you're a filipino I'm pretty sure you know the pancake sold in tricycle. madalas lalaki ang nagbebenta at may bilog na lutuan. simple lang sya batter then iluluto saglit sa bilog lutuan tapos isasaw sa asukal...voila! pancake in a minute. pag gutom ka na kakalaro si kuya ay always to count on :)

at meron din naman DIY pancake like Quick kitchen recipe for the harassed mom. for me though I tried doing it myself nung bata pa ko, now I rely to easy and quick to cook pancake na nabibili sa grocery.

Actually I cooked pancake today and im craving for it right now ....got to go! ciao!

(eating my pancake)



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