Makeup: Blue

Happy Friday fellas!

Did this makeup few days ago. I miss full makeup. A makeup for party or gimmick. I don’t have much time for party because I have a little kid to take care of after work. A house to manage and a husband to maneuver…joke =) love u hon…

I used ……hmmmmm…..Foundation Kokuryu in summer tan .78 palette not from coastal scent though but the product is the same so you’ll have an Idea. Elf eyeliner, Ever bilena matte lipstick in Mauvey, on my cheeks Nichido in Cool rum.
I love this eye color it’s a combination of Royal blue and dark blue/navy blue. Will try to post the picture im lazy in doing makeup and take a pic everytime I use an item.

I love Friday! This kind of makeup should be wear in a days like this, bu tI don’t have enough time to prep up myself before going to work.



  1. nice blending! :)your blue is love! <3


  2. Hi! I personally have a hard time wearing blue, but this so looks so lovely on you. Isn't it that way when you start working? Minsan swerte na kung makapag-lipstick man lang. =)

    Btw, thanks for following my blog!

  3. to all, thank you for the comment girls! I would love to see your makeup too on your blog^_^ happy weekend


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