Nichido: Cool rum and Sunkissed

Just want to show you my favorite blush on from nichido in Cool Rum. The other one was recently bought to try it out if my skintone will match. Natural glow pero I would still prefer Cool rum. Sunkissed will be just an option pag sawa na ko sa cool rum.

Cool rum- nice color pigmented enough for me. Price is very affordable easy to apply no breakouts for me. I don’t easily get pimple napakarare na magkapimple ako minsan whiteheads lang lalo na pag stress out.

Sunkissed- pink shade. Too much is not good on me kasi im morena. Don’t have so much to talk about this blush on. Over all it can give you satisfaction naman plus the price is so right in the pocket it won’t hurt you kasi Php88.00 lang
Nichido in Cool Rum and Sunkissed
Zutto tomodachi ni natte ne ^_*



  1. i also like nichido products.. my kikay mom loves it too!
    it has good quality and affordable!

  2. Hello there dear! Those are cool blushes, I might try those.. :) I'm a new follower by the way. Kisses!

  3. @diane tama affordable talaga thats Y I love Nichido...heart heart :)

    @myrted Hi! followed you back

  4. i've been using the cool rum since forever! i love it!

  5. @pinkoolaid me too this blush is staple for me. my on the go blush on ^_^

  6. I'm using Sunkissed and it's the first blush that is almost finished. Parang tamang rosy cheeks lang. Laging may bumabati sa akin. My aunt and cousins even bought it. I'll try Cool Rum.thanks for the review...


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