My blog's pictures are all gone :(

I hate hunny's Samsung S2. it automatically synched my photos :( I don't know how to describe my anger I am really upset.

I was surprised when I saw my blogspot pictures in his cellphone I told him not to delete my pictures it might delete my pictures on blogspot but he said no nothing wil happen it just in my gallery. but still insist "Do not delete my pictures".

He decided to sell his phone to his bro , he deleted all his files including my blog's pictures.

#$%^&@@%$!!!!! now I'm devastated :(

I don't know what to do I lost my blog my long time partner blog :(

I hate this day...actually I notice yesterday that my photo's are gone but I thought this might be an internet issue. but no! hell no! they are gone for life unless I upload it again one by 1...what if I already deleted the picture? specially the old posts. oh my! I can't think normal I want to cry. I want to go to bed and sink my body to my pillow and bed sheet all day. one thing I know I am lonely :(



Caviar Manicure

Caviar Manicure is trending nowadays, I saw a lot of pictures on blogs, Facebook, Instagram...etc

I love how it looks but definitely it won't last that long because it will easily torn off when you wash your hand or the urge to take it off (like me :p guilty of making kutkut) my curiosity  made me try this trending manicure. I have beads sitting in my stash for a long time now. I tried it with NYX girls nail polish in pistachio.

 I also posted this on Instagram follow me if you want :) eyerin30

Caviar Manicure is a little messy you need to have a small rectangular container to catch the beads after pouring it to the still wet base coat. patient in doing Nail art is indeed necessary. if u don't have that better buy a pack in a drugstore :)

Sephora was one of the first company introduced the Caviar manicure they are selling it on their site click here for more info. The set includes the base coast,beads and a small funnel for 25USD. takai na~ kaimasen.

 Cute bottles ey? I love it to bits but I have much important things to buy than this. besides I can find an alternative rather than spend bucks for this.

You can buy the beads in you r favorite nail art store. I bought mine 100/set it has 5 colors .

If you will try this Caviar Manicure what color you will sprinkle your nails?
Don't put it on your lips you might swallow it...TC!


Caronia and NYX combo

I visited my cousin last week this is the nail art I made for her
She wants me to just paint her nails RED, I used NYX girls nail polish in One night stand. but I was not satisfied so I added Caronia's Tropical Doll Collection in Blueberry. I applied it on her tip and add some Nail sticker for accent. I love the outcome. cute and colorful.

I love how the color compliments each other. that's for now. have a great day girls!



Bluer than Blue

What is your favorite Nail Polish color? Can you guess my favorite color? I can't decide on what to wear but whenever I see a nail polish stand specially the newly found store. I instantly grab a blue nail polish. make it dark, light , royal, neon blue, glittered blue...etc

Blue is my most favorite color next to silver, green, and  browns

I bet all of us has blue in our stash..I have a few blues, here are some of it from a local brand called Bobbie

Blue can work in any skin color. it can be fair, white or morena. I specially love Royal blue like the picture below. because it gives elegance and stand out shine to your nails.

What is your favorite blue?


Teal I die

One Thursday morning when I was bored and nothing to do in the office I decided to do nail art. I came up with this because this are the things I have in the my kit.

I applied NYX girls Nail polish in Bermuda Triangle as my base. after 30 minutes I applied the glitter LA colors Color craze in Aqua crystal and put a nail sticker for dramatic effect ;p may ganun :)

I came up with this
 I also posted this in my Instagram account . you might wanna follow me my name there is Eyerin30

More pictures

Oh how I love this teal nail polish. I heart you so much.

If you  don't have an Instagram account you can still check my instagram via this site Webstagram

You will find artistic nail art artist in Instagram and some Showbiz personality too :)

It's more in Instagram. Sharing pictures and make it more artistic with just a touch :p



Beautiful nails

I just found this picture in Instagram. This is really cute I would love to try this nail foil? is this nail foil?




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