Nail art: Purple

I know I've been a MIA for the past 2 weeks but im back alive and kicking. been busy with so many things I need to distress, What should I do to unwind and freshen up? of course nothing but nail art! =) Thoug I have been lacking up posting I'm updated with you post. I love all the nail art you did it keeps me alive apart from the happiness I'm getting from my family and friends ^_^

Polish used:
Chifure in purple with micro shimmers!
water decal sticker in silver - first time to use this , at first I thought this was a sticker but to my surprise "How to peel this sticker?" oh! it's a water decal sticker. not a pain to apply it butadded work in cutting then dipping it to the water for 20-30 seconds is needed.
I used a silver sticker not too visible I have a gold one will post a different blog for that

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Very pretty color!



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