Smile! in black and yellow

i heart this nail art :)

color blocking (^ー^)ノ


Got milk?

I have OREO!

but not the cookie (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

when I was young we had aspins. my lola who's fond of dogs had a few that she love so dearly. I saw how she treated dogs with tender loving care. i know its not easy to have a pet. its like having another kid. they are pretty active and playful. they are also curious to their sorroundings so they tend to bite everything. or it's a dog thing to chew with everything they want to?anyhoo

Out of the blue honey's looking at sulit.com.ph for cute puppies. he said he wanted to have one. having a family to tend to with 2 makulit little girls, i cant imagine to have another obligation. they are cute but in my mind there are a lot of things that we need to consider before we can have him.

plus! budget is a must to have a pet. but husband does not seem to mind. though i said NO. after work he continued telling me about the puppy he's eyeing for. and showing me puppy's photos. cute puppy i thought.

I did not paid him any attention because we cant have another obligation. then his phone had a txt message saying the pet owner is already in the meeting place. Huwaat? he still said yes to the pet owner. i went with him to get the puppy.........

The first time I laid my eyes unto him i felt like I found my 3rd baby. he's a he so this makes our family complete. girls and boys. in an instant oreo got my heart and from then on i love him and made him as my own son.

sorry for this long post i know its boring to read i just want you (my reader, if i have) to know how lucky i am to have oreo in our lives. god has a reason why he gave him to us. I promise to love him dearly and take care of him like i take care of my kids until my last breath. a promise that i will keep forever.
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・
he made our family happier we play and we love to cuddle him. he is so fluffy and furry lovable.

his info
Sex: Male
Color: White and black
Breed: shih tzu/toy poodle
birthdate: June82012

Sparkly tip and flowers

Another nail art I made during the time I was away with my beloved blog. white tip using NYX nail polish in White and black stamp with flower design.

goodnight everyone! raining outside. be safe everyone (#^.^#)

My Dollar Store

this is the store where I buy my Jordana, Cherimoya and LA colors nail polish. kinda pricey for 99php each but its close to home and easily accesible.

located at the ground floor of Sta lucia east grandmall right beside Robinson metroeast.


Blue and Glitters

I forgot the nail polish I used for this. i love the combination.

the cellphone im holding is Myphone A878 if im not mistaken. honey bought it for 3,500php. its an android phone. i love the game Tapsonic . honey sold it to his friend he bought another phone him and I got an Iphone a gift from my aunt.

take care guys! its raining right now

Pink Bomb

I call this PINK BOMB because when I found out I lost the photos in my blog i was devastated and so down. I needed something to lift up my mood and this nail art came to my mind.

I chose pink because most of us girls like pink. i think that pink can really lift up the mood of any kikay person. I needed this badly especially the time when I was mourning for this blog.

I thought of getting rid of this blog completely and create a new blog. but I cant do it so I will just continue postinh or maybe make a new home. dunno when will that be.

nuf with the blabbing here's my PINK BOMB nail art

Royal Tru Orange Nail Art

I often drink coca cola but whenever I want a different taste for my soda i go for Royal. love the taste and color :)

Also with this nail art my first attempt for fish tail nail art (^◇^). A not so good 1st try. looking forward for another fish tail nail art (^-^)/

lets drink for that ! \(^o^)/


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