NOTD: Sassy nail polish in Almond

I made this simple nail art using Sassy nail polish in Almond. Bought this in Watson for only Php18.00. A nail polish that really satisfy me because the color payoff is so great.

Application was easy though the brush is stiff and tiny but still maneagable. Little streaks here and there, drying time, about an hour or so.

Over all I love this nail polish! Because it compliments my skin color. If you want a gray color nail polish I would recommend this for you. Just be sure to apply base coat to protect your nails.

Products I used:
Elianto nail strengther
Sassy nail polish in Almond
Crayon nail polish silver glitter
Jelly top coat from Etude house
For tips BK nail polish in Blue
Sticker bought in 168 mall

                                                                    Happy monday!


  1. That is a pretty shade! :) Great for fall.

  2. i'm looking for a gray polish and i think i need to buy this one, :) hehe gotta go to watson,hehe! new follower here! :)

  3. @neelai, Thank you for following my blog ^_^ . goodluck on hunting this NP =)

  4. Hi! Thanks for following! ^^,
    The stickers are sooooo cuuuute. I want to go to 168 mall na. Hehe. Just wanna ask where did you buy your elianto polishes? Thanks. ^-^

  5. bought my elianto polish in sta lucia. mall near our house. some are from SM malls. but they are close now....so sad...i love their nail polish


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