How to Multi task

     Back in 2005 when I was still single multi tasking was not in my vocabulary. What is the meaning of it? How does it work? When will I use it? Questions in my head I was not able to answer.
Then I got married. I got pregnant and being a  mother and a wife begins. I am actually an instant mother when I got hooked with my then BF. Because he has a daughter from his ex. Tending to her needs was my task then. Until new baby came in a precious gift that I will be ever greatful forever.
Before our marriage we livedin together in his parents house. During that time the adventure of me being his legal wife was not started yet because we are dependently living with his parents. I go to work I don’t have to cook our lunch and dinner I don’t need to clean the house coz MIL has helper. Everything was smooth and perfect but everything has its end.
We moved out from his parents house to make our marriage life adventure start. I already gave birth so it was quite hard to manage the house and the baby. To make sure there’s food on time for hubby’s arrival. I have to do a lot of things. That’s when multi tasking came in. I have to learn the magic of Multi tasking coz if not, my workload will pile up and won’t be able to finish my all day job as a wife and a mother.
Multi tasking is basically doing all the work at the same time. It helps you maximize your productivity and finish the work in just a little time and most of all finish it on time to hubby’s arrival.
It’s not easy but when you get the hang of it im sure you’ll just say it’s just a piece of cake. And Oh! You need to know the art of time management. When you know how to manage time surely you will get it all done in no time.

For today here’s the lineup of my task:

Tending to my baby’s needs
sleeping baby
my sleeping angel

Do the laundry while baby asleep
Cook our lunch while doing the laundry


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