Bobbie in glaze dazzle

 Nail polish that I really love from a local brand here in the Philippines. This gorgeous nail polish is from Bobbie nail care. I bought this nail polish 2 years ago. I have post bout this nail polish but wanted to repost for my new followers to see. According to bobbie it has keratin, good for ur nails ^_^.

A holographic nail polish that can be an alternative for a high end brand nail polish. it has different holo effect depends on the angle.Sorry I forgot the price am not sure if this collection is still available or not.

 I just love love love this nail polish. let the pictures speak for itself. enjoy!

Holo holo holo!
And the winner is! 
Such a beauty

No flash

sexy and beauty

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  1. oooh thanks for this post! I'll check it out! been lemming for expensive branded ones(which i cant afford right now lol) but these look really good!!! :)

  2. That is a gorgeous shade indeed! =D Haven't seen it in Watson's or the department store though.

  3. Wow! I like that shade. I don't think it's still available :( Maybe, I'll search for a similar one hahaha

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  5. Thank oyou girls for the comment! I heart this nail polish ^_^

  6. Hello Eyerin.. I'm a new follower of your blog. Anyway, I love this nail polish.. I think it will be good for nail art. I hope I can find that in my are..

    I'm so happy I can finally comment on your blog. Blogspot was acting up awhile ago. :)

  7. @pam thank you for following. this NP is indeed great for nail art. will try that next time =)

  8. sorry for the typo error hehe. anyway, i'm inviting you to join my blog too :)

    i'm looking forward to see a make up tutorial here on your blog.. Hehe. I read your profile. :-)

  9. wala na kong nakikita na ganyan ngaun,in fairnes ang ganda ng polish na to :) bobbie mojito ung nakikita kong same nito ngaun :)

  10. Bobbie is such a great nail polish! Sayang, wala ng ganyan ngayon.

  11. Di ko naabutan yung ganitong packaging ng Bobbie! Hahaha ang cool!! super fan ako ng Bobbie eh!! <3


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