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Philippines Summer 2011

Summer 2011 is in!

Everyone wants to go for a dip in a very cold water or just relax in a warm sea water

Sea spring is just right for you because they have a unique amenities that you can enjoy

Also, location is just near the place so you don’t have to worry about the transportation going there.

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6th year BF/GF anniversary

On April 30, 2011 me and my honey’s 6th year anniversary as BF/GF

I wonder how we will spend our Anniversary? Summer is here already so we might spend our time on a beach or a resort, Is a better idea right?

Oh! Before planning I want to reminisce some of the important happy/not so happy memories of us before marriage.

I met him in a chat called YM during that time I was single so why not chat with a little and be friend with someone completely stranger for me.

Chat continued for about a few months then came the March. I was invited by him for an outing with his motorbike friend I did not hesitate coz I want to go out too.

At that time he still telling me stories about his past about his Ex-GF, for me that kind of attitude means that you still care for that person and she’s still in your mind though, in your heart and mind you’re telling yourself that it ended but in reality you still love the person. That’s not a problem with me that time I was not inlove with him yet…so whatever….

Then a few more months passed by, He realized how much he love me how much important I am for him then I introduced him to my parents and relatives then pamamanhikan came and voila! Marriage..Oh! before that Baby Mairene came.

That’s my summarized love story

Where to go on anniversary?

Beach?fancy resto? Check in? dunno what to do..I hope am good in planning things

Anyway happy anniversary honey ko! Love u so much!

Thank you for being always there for me in good and bad times…you are my only and great love!

I hope u won’t change til the end of time

Honey mo


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