More of my random nail art design

 nail art design with round glitters
My very first the face shop NP...love love the colors
 Using the above NP and white tip Elianto in white
 for heart's day design
 revised nail polish...after a day of royal blue i decided to put some white design
My fave BNC nail polish in a mud like color or it might be a cafe latte color what u  think?

NU nail polish
 BNC polish with simple design. green squared decal and NU's glitter NP
caronia's marquisse...nice name
 Eye Make up


 My collection of crayon nail polish bought in watson for P99 each
 I dunno what to call this design. sponge technique
 My make up palette
Bobbie nail polish in blue and snowflake stamping nail art

my nail art collection

Pink and Brown Nail art
Hi gals this is my random nail art design. this was done a few months back so i'll try to remember the things I used back then
Ever Bilena Nail polish

Green design I used red and black art deco thin brush nail polish

My RAIN nail polish collection most of them are bought in TIANGGE 12-15 pesos

DOT the rainbow nail art

Royal blue NP bought in the face shop

Used bobbie NP wid stamping nail art

Crayon NP bought in watson for P99

Cousin's Nail polish used crayon in pink and pink glitter

Nail art using Sassy NP base and coat

Done this nail art before I sleep last night that's why there's a bed sheet mark. used Ever Bilena NP
There you go post again soon

Im back

Hi my blogspot! after so long I took the chance again to post something. Just an update same old me still addicted with nail polish will post some swatches soon and hopefully I can start make it a habit at least post once or twice a week.

   Mairene is already 2 years old she is a happy baby she love's playing with her sis sometime they fought though.
it's 2am here need to catch some sleep again cause I have work tomorrow see ya

I made this mani to my cousin using Bobbie foil collection I had the 3 colors I forgot the name of this NP too lazy to check my stash anyways i'll post it on my next post...


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