Hanson is back in Manila

Good morning lovies!

Hanson a band since 1997 but even before that they made an independent record called 3 Car Garage. I was astonished by the cute little voice named Jordan Taylor "Tay" Hanson. At first I wonder is he a He or a She? I was not sure so I ignored them but eventually learned that he's a He! I loved them after that...I bought Magazines, Songmags, Hanson posters, CD/DVD...etc I always save my allowance for them. It was such an amazing experience I always daydream Taylor and me having a date somewhere..silly me...Tay's didn't changed he still cute,hottie and sexy as ever...don't you agree with me?

Don't forget about Zac and Ike I love them too. Zac is such a hilarious person he goof around he always jokes I love his smile it infects everybody around him. Ike is the normal one I mean he acts according to his age he sings good and a cutie too...they're all cute by the way!

Even after a decade my love for them did not change, I still love their music and melody. I did not had a chance to watch them back in 2004, Finally this year they came back, now I am able to watch their concert! im excited!  suuupppeeerr!

Pictures from last night interview with Boy Abunda and arrival from the NAIA (March 28, 2012)

They'll be having a concert in Araneta smart coliseum tomorrow March 30, 2012 and March 31 in Cebu..
and meet & greet @ SM north the block 4PM. Ill be at the concert and Meet&Greet. if you have time meet me there :)



Wave nail art

Hi Lovies! work mode again but before I dump myself to work I would like to show my nail art which I think not yet posted. I use The face shop nail polish here. Bought the sticker in OMG for 35 or 25 pesos?? not sure.

make sure the base polish is dry before sticking the sticker. goodluck!



Blue nail art

Don't you love blue? me, I love it, I heart it....I have so many blue in my nail polish bin.

I have 3 blue nail polish from bobbie 

here's my nail using The face Shop in Blue and stamping nail art


Sassy and OMG

I love sassy's gray nail polish in "Almond" combo with OMG in "Mojito". To give it a retro look I put a water decal.

Sassy's almond is definitely my fave gray NP. This is my 1st time trying out OMG nail polish I still have some to try on. no bad experience with it yet...affordable and has a lot of color to choose from they even sell some nail art stuffs like dried flower, rhinestone, dotting tool in a very affordable price. >_< pinoy price?

HERE'S my other nail art, I used sassy in almond

Move to the grove! for the retro look nail art :)  just my thought I dunno if it's really retro :D


24K in baby blue

Hi! posting some of the nail art I did but was not able to post :(

I got this polish 2 months ago...I heart the color it says in the label "24k baby blue" but it has a hint of lavenderish purpleish...for me :D I dunno for some folks...I look at it again just now...it has shimmers! I can see blue and green...it's so tiny that you won't even notice it when applied.

This is a local nail polish that can be bought for 20.00php.. not bad...but as I checked it again the polish consistency was a bit off now...I dunno if I can use it again...enough of the blabbing here's the pic

Oh I topped it of with the face shop glitters and blue glitters(not in the pic) bought in 168 mall


Red nail art

I made this nail art last february....I know it's super late to post a valentine's nail art...but who cares..this is my page :) kidding... for the sake of having it on my blog. I've already post it on FB.

Nail polish was from Jordana in Ruby slippers. sexy and fierce red. I love the consistency 2 coat is enough it gives the opacity I want. I designed it with stamping nail art using a gold special nail bought from One stop kikay shop in facebook. I used my big image plate.  sorry for the pic I don't have my reliable camera right now I just borrowed my brother-in-law's camera.

here's the pic...




Orange nails

Goodmawnin!  nice to be back again . I made this mani last night it's orange with glitters. im not really into orange , but for a change y not ey? so here you go.

I got the Blue place nail polish from my aunt as a gift. top coat bought in the face shop for 185.00 pesos. I don't know where the orange one came from too lazy to search on the net. aunt told me that she bought it for 300 php takai ne~



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