Big stamping nail art image plate

Do you love nail art? I've been addict to nail art since 2009 that time was a simple nail polish and then that's it. until I found the stamping nail art since then im into nail art. specially stamping NA because it's easy to do and different design to choose from. I know im still a novice in this kind of art I cant draw that's why I rely on stamping nail art though I can do lines and dot nail art. but I cant do the intricate nail art where you use your nails as paper. am not as talented as other nail art enthusiast. I just enjoy what I do and think of any design I want to create I also get ideas from nail art fanatics in blogosphere.
Recently my hubby bought me this big image template that I really want. He knows how much I love nail art and then one day I was surprised he bought me this big image tempate :) this is love really.

Below is my first time using the template not my first time trying stamping nail art ha. it's just that I did my nails before bedtime as usaual it was ruined by me bumped into things or accidentally touched bymy daughter.

There's lot to choose from I cant even decide on which I will use first lol. bought this in Victory Mall located in Monumento Caloocan for Php1,700 original price was 1,800 I really dont know if this is a steal or not did not check the net for other sellers. anyhoo im still happy. =) ^_^

Full image template
around 180 designs full nail and small designs
sorry for the blurry template I use some of it to try it on and dab it with acetone .
This is how big it is. not convenient in taking it out to use with friends or relatives  =(
big di ba, like the size of my daughter's face
Lovelots, Eye


  1. That's a lot of nail stickers. Wow! Btw, I'm your newest follower from Fun Fearless Forum. Hope you follow me back. Also, I'm inviting you to join my giveaway. TIA! :)

  2. this looks nice! I haven't tried nail art stamping yet...im mostly hooked on decals and 3d deco hehehehe

  3. @pink magaline I will definitely follow u back and will join ur giveaway nice kasi ng price :)

    @pinkoolaid U should try this it's fun and lots of design to choose from :)


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