Matte top coat

Essie,China glaze, OPI, Sally hansen...and a lot more that cost much has a matte top coat. I have matte top coat just exactly the way I want it. Affordable price, same quality with the other brands,what else? you can purchase it at 168 mall in divisoria or online store.
Here's my first attempt of matte top coat. base is Etude house nail polish.
Bought it in 168 mall for Php150.00
Dries fast
I applied matte to my point finger

all in all I love the matte effect that gives me.
How about you? what/which brand matte top coat you like?


Nail polish: Crayon

Hi fellas! Bought these babies last week at Watsons for Php98.00 each. It's actually 3 bottles. I know some girls don't love glittered nail polish because it's hard to remove. but not for me. I love glitter NP things that sparkle attracts me. who wou;dn't fall in love with these babies? I love them wholeheartedly.^_^

these polishes are in code didn't mind looking at the codes..sorry..

on my thumb-middle is the bottle on the right blue with lot's of glitter. the other one is in green side lighter than the blue as you can see in my ring and pinkie looks like white in picture. might be deceiving in picture but very pretty in personal.


Makeup: sunset

Youtube was one of my medium in learning on how to put makeup. one of my fave is Michelle Phan and Asahi of Manwomanfilm. they're both great in putting makeup but they have different personality. I love Manwomanfilw because she's funny. On the other side Michelle Phan has a lot of idea.

I recreated one of Michelle's look sunset look. Well it's not actually the same....



Nail art: Orange

Here’s my NOTD an orange nails with black stamping nail art. Hubby told me to do a nail art like his motorbike. He has orange FZ 16 Yamaha. I used Bobbie in orange juice I applied 3 coats as always to get the opacity I want. I think it cost me Php32.00 or below..I forgot..sorry

Stamp it with black special nail polish using this Big image template


Red and Pink Lipstick

a gloomy Monday for us. Holiday today but for BPO’s still as normal go to work and sit my ass out here for 8 hours…ouch! Blog keeps me awake, blog hopping keeps my eyes open for new stories, news, haul, nail color, new Ideas, New clothes…though im not a fashionista im into a mom to go outfit. What else? Jeans and skirt…sometime I go for dress and heels if I feel girly.

I will post bout Red and pink lipstick. The colors I can’t normally wear because of my skin color and I thought color is too loud for me. But let’s see if these color suits me or not.

Went to Greenhills last Sunday bought some things…not for us…for the kids..as all the things we bought was for the kids lang. I bought my self a lipstick though ..eto lang

It’s ok as long as the kids are happy with their new clothes and toy. I’m more than happy to see them smile and giggle with their new things. But our house is filing up with kid’s things. Our house is getting smaller and smaller. Need to move with bigger place.

RED lipstick – nichido in glamour. Matte red lipstick. Php188.00
PINK lipstick – I had one but I lost it so I bought it again . Ever Bilena in Off beat. Php135.00

Both LS are matte
Glamour is red as red I love it but I think I will use it occasionally or If I will play with my makeup
Off beat is just fine I think I can wear it in the office. At least I have guts now

Here’s the pics enjoy!

Sorry for the pic need to process it kasi ang panget ko na we're on our way home after GH and some kiddos na makulit habol dito habol doon with matching tantrums and my bunso na ayaw maglakad. next time we'll go there me and hubby only so we can roam around without any hassle.



Acetone pump

My first Acetone pump was already broken. the cap was torn apart from the bottle . When I went to 168 i bought another for only Php50.00. I also bought Sassy nail art, these bottles has thin brush which is good for creating nail art. bought it for Php26.00 each. Watson sells these kind of nail polish also in your favorite beauty section like SM, Robinsons....etc

Lastly, bought this lovely glitter nail polish in just nail located in 168 they also has sulit website just check it in google. they have plenty of variety from matte,shimmery,glittery...to many to mention. =) I think NYX and kleancolor glitter nail polish can be a dupe for this dupe1 and this from diane's blog. both are purple though.
there are still lot's of color to choose will be back to 168 for more nail polish =)


Konad and Sassy nail polish

Bougth this nail polish after my quick nail cleaning during my lunchbreak at nail-a-holics. The nail tech just put on a clear nail polish but after a while I thought I don’t want my nails naked so I went to Watson and bought the cheapest nail polish to dress up my nails =) I bought Sassy in Sapphire and Pink frost each Php18.50 with top coat also from sassy.

After office my order from http://konadnailartbyangela.multiply.com/ arrive excited for my first ever konad product. It was Stamper,scraper,small image plate, small bottle of special nail polish starter kit. The transaction was a breeze I didn’t encounter any problem from angela she even patiently wait for my payment because I was not able to deposit the payment right away. Thanks angela for being patient and accommodating. I love your products! Will definitely buy again if we have extra as you know we have kids to support so luxury is on our 2nd list.

If you want to buy authentic Konad product just click here to view her products and contact info =)

Application: I applied 3 coats to achieve my desired opacity
Price: Php18.50 each
Drying time: about an hour
con: none so far I love the color and the pigmentation

 the starter kit I ordered from angela. Astamper for small design, small scraper, image plate that has 4 design,1 special nail polish
 special nail polish is kept inside the stamper. just put the SNP on the lid of the stamper then close it
 Voila! stamper with SNP inside. con: too small for me but I love my first ever konad product :)

This is how small it is



Giveaway by Eki

http://ekiblog.com/ is having a giveaway goodies from sigma awaits you Eki's giveaway


Nail art : Red

Nail art today! Im excited to try my new Big image template….happy =) here’s my first nail art from my template. I used Chifure nail polish in red with bits of gold sparkles top it off with Chifure top coat. Chifure nail polish was a gift from my aunt in Japan. Hope u like it ! me much much!

With Flash...Red red red
                                                   simple design

Without flash
sorry scary hands
better angle to see the design
I used silver special nail polish bought in 168 mall
here's the Chifure nail polish cute bottle ey?
The image I used. light blinded the camera...gomenasai ne


Giveaway! by Pink Magaline

Hi Fellas Pink Magaline is having a giveaway. cool prizes is awaiting for you! Join here




Big stamping nail art image plate

Do you love nail art? I've been addict to nail art since 2009 that time was a simple nail polish and then that's it. until I found the stamping nail art since then im into nail art. specially stamping NA because it's easy to do and different design to choose from. I know im still a novice in this kind of art I cant draw that's why I rely on stamping nail art though I can do lines and dot nail art. but I cant do the intricate nail art where you use your nails as paper. am not as talented as other nail art enthusiast. I just enjoy what I do and think of any design I want to create I also get ideas from nail art fanatics in blogosphere.
Recently my hubby bought me this big image template that I really want. He knows how much I love nail art and then one day I was surprised he bought me this big image tempate :) this is love really.

Below is my first time using the template not my first time trying stamping nail art ha. it's just that I did my nails before bedtime as usaual it was ruined by me bumped into things or accidentally touched bymy daughter.

There's lot to choose from I cant even decide on which I will use first lol. bought this in Victory Mall located in Monumento Caloocan for Php1,700 original price was 1,800 I really dont know if this is a steal or not did not check the net for other sellers. anyhoo im still happy. =) ^_^

Full image template
around 180 designs full nail and small designs
sorry for the blurry template I use some of it to try it on and dab it with acetone .
This is how big it is. not convenient in taking it out to use with friends or relatives  =(
big di ba, like the size of my daughter's face
Lovelots, Eye

Nail polish haul : Top nails & Miss beauty

   Bought this cuties in Sta Lucia. They have lot’s of products from china to US you can find mostly cosmetics, body lotion, perfumes..etc which are from China and US. I always stop by here to check if they have new Nail polish. The day I went there I got myself these 2 bottles of nail polish from top nails in Pink and Miss Beauty in Shimmery Silver. Applied it on my nail two coats. I don’t like the smell of Miss beauty because it has strong chemical odor that most china nail polish has. So probably I will use this for design only or 1 to 2 uses for full nail application then off to the bin.

   I heart the pink because it’s easy to apply and buildable. Does not streak color is opaque in 2 coats. The only downside is the brush is stiff though the formula is good. According to the bottle this is made in the US. Does not have a strong chemical smell. Will probably use this as a base for nail art.

Top 10 nails and Miss beauty Php 55.00 and Php45.00 respectively
Swatch 1

Swatch 2
My ever reliable Stamper and scraper I've used this since 2009. I purchased new KONAD stamper and scraper from Konad by Angela . Seller is easy to deal with check her website for more product info and contact number.

Hairband or headband?

Bought this in eastwood bazaar for Php150.00 the color is so feminine with pink rhinestone and a gold design that adds elegance to this cute accesorrie. According to SA this headband is handmade that’s why kinda pricey from normal headbands. I really like the design you can really tell it is handmade because the ribbon is neatly wrap up to the headband. The rhinestone quality is very good the color is so vivid and it has this glossy color that made the headband stand out. I bought this for myself but seems my eldest loving it because it’s cute and easy to wear your head won't get hurt if you will wear this unlike other headband that fits so tight in my head after wearing it for a couple of hours I get a headache.

Closer look of the design
When worn
slim and cute
Flashy rhinestone
Perfectly made just for you, Handmade



Chifure Nail polish

I had this as a gift from my Tita living in Japan. A nail polish from japan J just like TFS names are in code did not bother to list it kasi in numbers eh. Anyways sorry I don’t have swatches will post as follow na lang J tamad mode ba ito?

Ela’s 7th birthday on Saturday August 20, 2011
Yay! Excited, pressured, & nervous all at the same time. Not a big celebration though. Because we’re tight in budget but we made sure na special pa rin kasi 7th bday. No catering, special performance etc… kaya total hands on kami magasawa and her lola. Goodluck hopefully a successful birthday party for her tomorrow.

Happy 7th bday ela! Weloveyou

Cute glitters, soft and funky colors will swatch this asap

Pink and peach nail polish from...dunno

Lovelots, Eye


Nichido: Cool rum and Sunkissed

Just want to show you my favorite blush on from nichido in Cool Rum. The other one was recently bought to try it out if my skintone will match. Natural glow pero I would still prefer Cool rum. Sunkissed will be just an option pag sawa na ko sa cool rum.

Cool rum- nice color pigmented enough for me. Price is very affordable easy to apply no breakouts for me. I don’t easily get pimple napakarare na magkapimple ako minsan whiteheads lang lalo na pag stress out.

Sunkissed- pink shade. Too much is not good on me kasi im morena. Don’t have so much to talk about this blush on. Over all it can give you satisfaction naman plus the price is so right in the pocket it won’t hurt you kasi Php88.00 lang
Nichido in Cool Rum and Sunkissed
Zutto tomodachi ni natte ne ^_*


Pink lipstick for morena

Dati hindi ako nagpipink lipstick pero dahil sa mahilig na ako magblog and saw a lot of girls wearing pink lipstick even the morena one I now have the guts to use a Pink lipstick. Who wouldn’t want a something pink on her? Ako gusto ko everything pink wag lang exaggerated na lahat na lang pink. Did a swatch pero nangengeelam anak ko sya daw ang lagyan ko ng lipstick kaya ayan sya ang nasa picture. Well I don’t find my lips sexy anyway kaya ok na din na sya. Ma post ata ako ng pink lipstick applied on my lips if u want u can check it here Pink lips
Mairene strutting her lips with pink lipstick
Swatch left: pink lippie from Japan no name eh Right: Ever Bilena in Pink Flame
Ever Bilena in Pink Flame and  a Lippie from Japan dunno the name sorry ~_~ 

Yoi ichinichi naru you ni! (Have a great day!)

seba med face moisturiser

Hi fellas! Yesterday was a bad day. Today I want to start my day a post about face moisturizer to freshen up my day. I’ve been using this moisturizer for about 4 years and planning to still continue using it until forever because this product is good in moisturizing my face. I have a really dry face, Plus I don’t like the feeling of dry skin so lotion and a face moisturizer is a must for me everytime I was my face or hands of any part of my skin. If you will ask me what product I cant live without? Moisturiser and body lotion or hand lotion. I cant really stand the feeling of dry skin dunno why. Whenever I’m out I always have my hand lotion with me.

What I love about this product no sticky feeling just a fresh feeling after application because this is a water based product. Good for girls or even boys who has a sensitive skin. Added to that this is Ph 5.5 just enough for the skin to moisturize no harsh chemical for the skin.

I use this after every shower or after washing my face I just pump a little amount from the bottle apply it on my face. You can also use cotton depending on your preference. This bottle last for a month or 2 sometimes I alternate Olay and this. As of now I run out of Olay so Im using this again but need to minimize my usage because I don’t have a stock…need to contact my auntie for back up ^_^

Price? I forgot will ask my aunt for that

(Sebamed Ph5.5)

That's all for now


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