Konad and Sassy nail polish

Bougth this nail polish after my quick nail cleaning during my lunchbreak at nail-a-holics. The nail tech just put on a clear nail polish but after a while I thought I don’t want my nails naked so I went to Watson and bought the cheapest nail polish to dress up my nails =) I bought Sassy in Sapphire and Pink frost each Php18.50 with top coat also from sassy.

After office my order from http://konadnailartbyangela.multiply.com/ arrive excited for my first ever konad product. It was Stamper,scraper,small image plate, small bottle of special nail polish starter kit. The transaction was a breeze I didn’t encounter any problem from angela she even patiently wait for my payment because I was not able to deposit the payment right away. Thanks angela for being patient and accommodating. I love your products! Will definitely buy again if we have extra as you know we have kids to support so luxury is on our 2nd list.

If you want to buy authentic Konad product just click here to view her products and contact info =)

Application: I applied 3 coats to achieve my desired opacity
Price: Php18.50 each
Drying time: about an hour
con: none so far I love the color and the pigmentation

 the starter kit I ordered from angela. Astamper for small design, small scraper, image plate that has 4 design,1 special nail polish
 special nail polish is kept inside the stamper. just put the SNP on the lid of the stamper then close it
 Voila! stamper with SNP inside. con: too small for me but I love my first ever konad product :)

This is how small it is


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