seba med face moisturiser

Hi fellas! Yesterday was a bad day. Today I want to start my day a post about face moisturizer to freshen up my day. I’ve been using this moisturizer for about 4 years and planning to still continue using it until forever because this product is good in moisturizing my face. I have a really dry face, Plus I don’t like the feeling of dry skin so lotion and a face moisturizer is a must for me everytime I was my face or hands of any part of my skin. If you will ask me what product I cant live without? Moisturiser and body lotion or hand lotion. I cant really stand the feeling of dry skin dunno why. Whenever I’m out I always have my hand lotion with me.

What I love about this product no sticky feeling just a fresh feeling after application because this is a water based product. Good for girls or even boys who has a sensitive skin. Added to that this is Ph 5.5 just enough for the skin to moisturize no harsh chemical for the skin.

I use this after every shower or after washing my face I just pump a little amount from the bottle apply it on my face. You can also use cotton depending on your preference. This bottle last for a month or 2 sometimes I alternate Olay and this. As of now I run out of Olay so Im using this again but need to minimize my usage because I don’t have a stock…need to contact my auntie for back up ^_^

Price? I forgot will ask my aunt for that

(Sebamed Ph5.5)

That's all for now

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