Hairband or headband?

Bought this in eastwood bazaar for Php150.00 the color is so feminine with pink rhinestone and a gold design that adds elegance to this cute accesorrie. According to SA this headband is handmade that’s why kinda pricey from normal headbands. I really like the design you can really tell it is handmade because the ribbon is neatly wrap up to the headband. The rhinestone quality is very good the color is so vivid and it has this glossy color that made the headband stand out. I bought this for myself but seems my eldest loving it because it’s cute and easy to wear your head won't get hurt if you will wear this unlike other headband that fits so tight in my head after wearing it for a couple of hours I get a headache.

Closer look of the design
When worn
slim and cute
Flashy rhinestone
Perfectly made just for you, Handmade



  1. it's beautiful. looks good on your little girl. =)

  2. @nuna Thanks :) she love it so much she wears it everyday...she looks dalaga with it


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