Makeup: sunset

Youtube was one of my medium in learning on how to put makeup. one of my fave is Michelle Phan and Asahi of Manwomanfilm. they're both great in putting makeup but they have different personality. I love Manwomanfilw because she's funny. On the other side Michelle Phan has a lot of idea.

I recreated one of Michelle's look sunset look. Well it's not actually the same....



  1. So pretty. The combination of yellow, orange and pink is lovely. Color blocking in makeup eh? Wanna try! :)

  2. Would love to try it...pag may time ulit :)

  3. hey! love the colors, i must try it :)
    hope you can visit my site: http://wildandkinkyfettish.blogspot.com/, btw, im just a newbie here :)

  4. I like to watch Michelle Phan's vids because she's asian. Most of the tutorials available are for american and european women where they have more defined feature, and not for us who have flatter profiles, don't have double eyelid where eyeshadows are more visible, etc.

  5. @Eji Thank you for checking out my blog. Will surely check ur blog too ^_^

    @Abygail That's true most of the tutorials are from US. Thanks for Michelle an asian to teach us her secrets and lead us to great ideas.


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