Acetone pump

My first Acetone pump was already broken. the cap was torn apart from the bottle . When I went to 168 i bought another for only Php50.00. I also bought Sassy nail art, these bottles has thin brush which is good for creating nail art. bought it for Php26.00 each. Watson sells these kind of nail polish also in your favorite beauty section like SM, Robinsons....etc

Lastly, bought this lovely glitter nail polish in just nail located in 168 they also has sulit website just check it in google. they have plenty of variety from matte,shimmery,glittery...to many to mention. =) I think NYX and kleancolor glitter nail polish can be a dupe for this dupe1 and this from diane's blog. both are purple though.
there are still lot's of color to choose will be back to 168 for more nail polish =)



  1. oh i miss manicure.....

    nice to meet you eyerin. see you around. Thank you so much for visiting the blog. I really appreciate it.

  2. @Denise thanks for stopping by :)


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