Caress in glaze Ash

Trying out beige color for a change.... this is from Caress a local brand of the Philippines. this is Glaze Ash. I think I bought this below 30.00php. application was a breeze. I applied 3 coats to get the opacity I want. drying time is quite long.

over all if you want to paint ur nails beige/nude I can recommend this for. it's affordable and easy on the pocket...good job for caress!


Nail art:Lines

Hi gals! Just want to share the  nail art I made for my cousin Joy. I used style essential bought in saizen for 88.00php. then lined it using thin brush nail polish in Red, Yellow and black. the yellow and red are from Sassy for 16.00php the black is from art deco bought in Dollar store for 79.00php

I love it simple and easy to make nail art :)



brown and dots

I use face it nail polish bought at The face shop for 198php and diana manicure in #06 for dots (im selling diana) 70php. i saw this design and color combi on the internet but i forgot where. i did my own version and i like it o(^▽^)o


Naked Nails

I seldom see my naked nail :) this photo was taken few months back. Am using Elianto nail strengthener. my nails are very weak I cant grow them long because of chipping. ~_~...I will try to let my nails breath from time to time. promise "_"


Paint on my lips

 Back in college im not fond of painting my lips any color. I was the conservative type back then. or should I say late bloomer? :)

anyhoo.. im loving lipstick nowadays. because it gives u instant pop of color. just change the hue and voila! ur face will lighten up.

it's not easy to find your perfect partner when it comes to lipstick. specially for me I am a Filipina with brown skin. I find it hard to wear light pink lipstick or nude (which is good for smokey eyes (^_^).

I just want to share my Lipstick collection just random mostly are local brand as im a cheapskate ~_~

First stop
 Here they are lying on my bed like princesses :) lol

 Ever Bilena lipsticks from left to right: Pink Flame, Siennas,Mauvey,Mirrored Mocha, and Off beat (2)

Pink flame: I use this whenever I want to have a pink lips but still demure unlike off beat it's a light pink so the color is shouting on my lips.

Siennas: I never really like red lipstick. but this one is matte and a not so attention getter red. if you want glamour and confidence wear this red. with a slight makeup will do. I can say that  this is my favorite of them all I wear this almost everyday. an essential to my makeup kit.

Mauvey: My favorite lipstick whenever I do smokey eye makeup. I love this nude/pinkish lippie. it just don't go with my brown complexion so I don't wear it outside. Im using Mauvey here.

Mirrored Mocha: A brown lipstick that is appropriate for office work or a job interview. I use this whenever I feel like wearing a clean make up look. just a touch of color and im good to go.

Off beat pink: bought this lippie just to have a light lipstick on my stash. Whenever I feel like playing on my makeup I use this for picture taking. but I once use this with hubby he said it's nice color daw. ?_? . why I have 2? I thought I lost this lippie until I found it sitting at the pocket of my bag. now I got 2 :) 

Now for swatches \^_^/

good thoughts:
...it's a local brand so the price is affordable but the quality is good. ='>
...it's matte so you will have that sophisticated look if u wear these lippies
...has a variety of colors to choose from
...can buy anywhere around the philippines

bad thoughts:
...it dries my lips...for me
...the cap with the lipstick color on easily torn off

Price 150.00 php

...so there u go. I love these lippies 100%

the other lippies will be posted next...wait for that ohk-ey?

Mata ne ^_^V



Get to know me tag

Get to Know Me Tag!...
Hi! Kat of Nailsmydream tagged me for a little get to know me more let's start...

Random Facts about me

- I love wearing high heels but not stilettos.

- I don't like macadamia nuts.

- I love taking pictures. from still life to family pictures

- am into photo sharing site like instagram.

- My room back then was filled with Hanson poster as in from ceiling to wall..I miss my room

- I can be a kid whenever im with my cousin. me and my brother are the oldest apo's.because my mom is the eldest child of my lola so the kids of my tita's and aunt are younger than me.

- back then I was the type of girl who never really talk about what I feel and what I think. but things have change I am more vocal now. I don't want anyone to mess up with me or my family

- I love wearing makeup. I it learned from youtube

- I used to play Taiko in Japan, since then I tap everything I can tap and play a song

- I dream of being a pattisierre (is this correct?) ?_? dunno if correct spelling or not

- i don't like it when my food has a coconut toppings

To answer Kat's question:

- What's your favorite type of dessert? leche flan of my lola

- What books have you read? the notebook

- What's your pet peeve? - we don't have one

- What's your favorite nail polish color? silver, black, brown

- What errand or chore do you despise doing? I usually do all the chore especially if I don't have a job. so I'm use to it

- What's the closest purple thing to you right now? my nails ^_^

- Do you know any foreign languages? yes.. Japanese

- How did you name your blog? just random...I thought you have blog I have my blog too.. lol

- What do you carry with you at all times? - makeupkit,ponytail,cellphone.
whenever we go to relative's house I will always make sure to have my Nail art essentials. just recently, we went to Laguna I brought a bag of nail polish :) whatta heck I have heavy bag on my arms..but i don't ker (",)

- What color are your nails today? - I have NYX nail polish in Moonwalk. a silverish,purpleish nail foil like NP

- What nail trends are you not a fan of? -hmmmm...freehand nail art. because I can't draw. I can only do dots,lines and circles. and of course stamping nail art
Thank you Kat for tagging me

Ja mata ne! ('til next time!)


NYX nail polish in moonwalk

I finally bought Nyx nail polish online :) from Makeup Stash yey! I bought it for only 60php because she posted it as Clearance sale so it's a little cheaper...nice catch >_<

I bought 4 NP but the pink strawberry was not in the package :( so I only got 3 which is Chocolate taupe, Moonwalk and Royal purple.

I tried Moonwalk for this post and did a stamping nail art for an added twist.

Let the picture speaks for me I'm bad when describing the color. but lemme try pa din :)

This polish looks like a foil in person the color is in purple side and some of silverish. I love how shiny it is everytime it hits the light it shines like a star :)

pictures taken using a cellphone sorry for the low quality pics ='>



Nail polish collection as of April 2012

Hi I just want to share my ever growing nail polish collection. back in 2008 when I first bought my nail polish was just for fun or should I say just for a change I will color my nails and see if they can brighten up my days.

Magically it did! :) my boring nails become colorful. back then color means beige,light pink and black. but I become bored again and tried french tip. I bought a set of nail polish specially for french manicure.

After that I become more adventurous and tried more colors like red,green,blue,hot pink, glitter,and yellow. it made me more curious when I saw Mae Espiritu's nail art blog. I thought how the hell she can draw it intricately? perfect flowers @>--- perfect butterfly and awesome designs...I envy how good she was in drawing. but to my surprise it was not a freehand but "stamping nail art"

It's now time to shine even if I don't know how to draw I can nail art myself and be fashionable :) finally....

From then on I bought every nail polish I want to try from shocking pink to nude brown. I specifically buy anything from local brand to bazaars nail polish cost 10php. color is my concern in buying nail polishes. I would not mind if it's 10php and smells like hell.

just like kids. I did grow up. online teach me a lot of things specially when it comes to nail polish. I become aware that China's cheap nail polish is bad to our health. I disposed all of those. my collection back then

Honey supported my new found hobby. we went to 168 mall to buy the Stamping nail art i've been lemming for. dream came true :) I experimented since that day. I still have the image plates and stamper/scraper.

I now update my drawer and dispose or give to my cousin/friends the things I don't really like or need.

below is the picture of my 3layer drawer of Nail polish.

sorry for blabbing that long, I think this is, for the love of Nail polish :)

this was when I just bought the drawer

below is the most updated hauls ='>

First drawer consist of Jordana, ELF, Elianto, Crayon Nail polish from Watson, NP from Saizen,

 LA Colors,Cutex..etcc

2nd layer are the local polish like bobbie,caronia,chic,ever bilena,klik,caress,HBC,sansan,OMG,labelle,24k,...etc

Nail art stuffs like two way nail art pen, special nail polish for stamping, thin brush nail polish bought in Saizen ali mall,Art deco,special nail polish bought from one stop kikay shop, thin brush nail polish bought in antipolo's festival bazaar.

that's it I am getting sleepy now. ill take a nap and try to check again my work I hope am not missing a word or mispelled words.


Style Essential in Glamour

 Went to Robinson galleria last Tuesday with hubby. of course we won't end our gala empty handed. We went to Saizen located at the 3F. we did some window shopping if there is anything else than nail polish interest me.

I bought Origami and 5 bottles of beauty essential nail polish. I will make a post about those gorgeous nail polish. I am wearing one of those which is frosted light bronze/brown with silver effect if spotted on a different angle.

I love this nail polish in glamour the color is beautiful, formula is good, brush is enough to cover my nails perfectly. it suits my skin color. i love it 100%

I stamped it with little flowers for accent.



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