Saizen Market market

Hello world and hello phiilippine! long time no blog. just want to make a quick post about my recent haul and adventures here,there and everywhere ^_ ^ nonsense i know....im  a bad writer I shouldnt write anything and just post the pics ~_~

front view of saizen in market market taguig

Lots of bags to choose from . all for 85 pesos only

                                             everyone is raving about this mudpack
 wide variety of makeup for only 85! cheap right? just choose the best so ur money wont go to waste

 Toys for kids
 plastic container and organiser
 cutter and scissor for school or personal needs

 my daughter posing with her fluffy/furry ballpen

 if u have dog I bet u will like this pet supplies ^_^
 love to cook? u will love this lane
 food for the soul from japan

before going home trip to the playground

that's all folks! bye!


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