Nail polish collection as of April 2012

Hi I just want to share my ever growing nail polish collection. back in 2008 when I first bought my nail polish was just for fun or should I say just for a change I will color my nails and see if they can brighten up my days.

Magically it did! :) my boring nails become colorful. back then color means beige,light pink and black. but I become bored again and tried french tip. I bought a set of nail polish specially for french manicure.

After that I become more adventurous and tried more colors like red,green,blue,hot pink, glitter,and yellow. it made me more curious when I saw Mae Espiritu's nail art blog. I thought how the hell she can draw it intricately? perfect flowers @>--- perfect butterfly and awesome designs...I envy how good she was in drawing. but to my surprise it was not a freehand but "stamping nail art"

It's now time to shine even if I don't know how to draw I can nail art myself and be fashionable :) finally....

From then on I bought every nail polish I want to try from shocking pink to nude brown. I specifically buy anything from local brand to bazaars nail polish cost 10php. color is my concern in buying nail polishes. I would not mind if it's 10php and smells like hell.

just like kids. I did grow up. online teach me a lot of things specially when it comes to nail polish. I become aware that China's cheap nail polish is bad to our health. I disposed all of those. my collection back then

Honey supported my new found hobby. we went to 168 mall to buy the Stamping nail art i've been lemming for. dream came true :) I experimented since that day. I still have the image plates and stamper/scraper.

I now update my drawer and dispose or give to my cousin/friends the things I don't really like or need.

below is the picture of my 3layer drawer of Nail polish.

sorry for blabbing that long, I think this is, for the love of Nail polish :)

this was when I just bought the drawer

below is the most updated hauls ='>

First drawer consist of Jordana, ELF, Elianto, Crayon Nail polish from Watson, NP from Saizen,

 LA Colors,Cutex..etcc

2nd layer are the local polish like bobbie,caronia,chic,ever bilena,klik,caress,HBC,sansan,OMG,labelle,24k,...etc

Nail art stuffs like two way nail art pen, special nail polish for stamping, thin brush nail polish bought in Saizen ali mall,Art deco,special nail polish bought from one stop kikay shop, thin brush nail polish bought in antipolo's festival bazaar.

that's it I am getting sleepy now. ill take a nap and try to check again my work I hope am not missing a word or mispelled words.



  1. wow! you have an amazing collection! new follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts :)

  2. Hi Ashley I followed u back but I cant see ur blog ='>
    I'm trying to post regularly but work is eating me.I'll try :)



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