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Get to Know Me Tag!...
Hi! Kat of Nailsmydream tagged me for a little get to know me more let's start...

Random Facts about me

- I love wearing high heels but not stilettos.

- I don't like macadamia nuts.

- I love taking pictures. from still life to family pictures

- am into photo sharing site like instagram.

- My room back then was filled with Hanson poster as in from ceiling to wall..I miss my room

- I can be a kid whenever im with my cousin. me and my brother are the oldest apo's.because my mom is the eldest child of my lola so the kids of my tita's and aunt are younger than me.

- back then I was the type of girl who never really talk about what I feel and what I think. but things have change I am more vocal now. I don't want anyone to mess up with me or my family

- I love wearing makeup. I it learned from youtube

- I used to play Taiko in Japan, since then I tap everything I can tap and play a song

- I dream of being a pattisierre (is this correct?) ?_? dunno if correct spelling or not

- i don't like it when my food has a coconut toppings

To answer Kat's question:

- What's your favorite type of dessert? leche flan of my lola

- What books have you read? the notebook

- What's your pet peeve? - we don't have one

- What's your favorite nail polish color? silver, black, brown

- What errand or chore do you despise doing? I usually do all the chore especially if I don't have a job. so I'm use to it

- What's the closest purple thing to you right now? my nails ^_^

- Do you know any foreign languages? yes.. Japanese

- How did you name your blog? just random...I thought you have blog I have my blog too.. lol

- What do you carry with you at all times? - makeupkit,ponytail,cellphone.
whenever we go to relative's house I will always make sure to have my Nail art essentials. just recently, we went to Laguna I brought a bag of nail polish :) whatta heck I have heavy bag on my arms..but i don't ker (",)

- What color are your nails today? - I have NYX nail polish in Moonwalk. a silverish,purpleish nail foil like NP

- What nail trends are you not a fan of? -hmmmm...freehand nail art. because I can't draw. I can only do dots,lines and circles. and of course stamping nail art
Thank you Kat for tagging me

Ja mata ne! ('til next time!)


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  1. Leche flan! lol. My bag's always heavy too because of the tons of nail polish that I bring. lol.


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