24K in baby blue

Hi! posting some of the nail art I did but was not able to post :(

I got this polish 2 months ago...I heart the color it says in the label "24k baby blue" but it has a hint of lavenderish purpleish...for me :D I dunno for some folks...I look at it again just now...it has shimmers! I can see blue and green...it's so tiny that you won't even notice it when applied.

This is a local nail polish that can be bought for 20.00php.. not bad...but as I checked it again the polish consistency was a bit off now...I dunno if I can use it again...enough of the blabbing here's the pic

Oh I topped it of with the face shop glitters and blue glitters(not in the pic) bought in 168 mall


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  1. wow! that's soo pretty!! :D I wanna try it as well!


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