Hanson is back in Manila

Good morning lovies!

Hanson a band since 1997 but even before that they made an independent record called 3 Car Garage. I was astonished by the cute little voice named Jordan Taylor "Tay" Hanson. At first I wonder is he a He or a She? I was not sure so I ignored them but eventually learned that he's a He! I loved them after that...I bought Magazines, Songmags, Hanson posters, CD/DVD...etc I always save my allowance for them. It was such an amazing experience I always daydream Taylor and me having a date somewhere..silly me...Tay's didn't changed he still cute,hottie and sexy as ever...don't you agree with me?

Don't forget about Zac and Ike I love them too. Zac is such a hilarious person he goof around he always jokes I love his smile it infects everybody around him. Ike is the normal one I mean he acts according to his age he sings good and a cutie too...they're all cute by the way!

Even after a decade my love for them did not change, I still love their music and melody. I did not had a chance to watch them back in 2004, Finally this year they came back, now I am able to watch their concert! im excited!  suuupppeeerr!

Pictures from last night interview with Boy Abunda and arrival from the NAIA (March 28, 2012)

They'll be having a concert in Araneta smart coliseum tomorrow March 30, 2012 and March 31 in Cebu..
and meet & greet @ SM north the block 4PM. Ill be at the concert and Meet&Greet. if you have time meet me there :)



  1. Hi! Got here from GT, followed :)

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  2. Ang pogi parin ni Taylor! I'm a number 1 fan.

    I saw your blog from Girl Talk and just followed it, hope you can follow mine as well.


  3. Lucky you to see them. I am sure they are handsome and pretty...Haven't seen actor and actress in my life since I live in provence but anyhow, I still have few fun that a real nice in person... www.lovelypettit_mom@yahoo.com..


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