My blog's pictures are all gone :(

I hate hunny's Samsung S2. it automatically synched my photos :( I don't know how to describe my anger I am really upset.

I was surprised when I saw my blogspot pictures in his cellphone I told him not to delete my pictures it might delete my pictures on blogspot but he said no nothing wil happen it just in my gallery. but still insist "Do not delete my pictures".

He decided to sell his phone to his bro , he deleted all his files including my blog's pictures.

#$%^&@@%$!!!!! now I'm devastated :(

I don't know what to do I lost my blog my long time partner blog :(

I hate this day...actually I notice yesterday that my photo's are gone but I thought this might be an internet issue. but no! hell no! they are gone for life unless I upload it again one by 1...what if I already deleted the picture? specially the old posts. oh my! I can't think normal I want to cry. I want to go to bed and sink my body to my pillow and bed sheet all day. one thing I know I am lonely :(



  1. :( I'll still be here.

    Same thing happened to Donnarence of my lucid intervals.

    Hugs. I hope you don't stop blogging.

    1. Thanks Rae I need that. I am still mourning I cant create a new post. It's raining all day my feelings too are gloomy :( sorry for being melancholy. I know it's not the end of the world. I will surpass this in time...

  2. oh, i am so sorry.

    i would cry too kung mabura lahat ng photos sa hard drive ko.....

    anyway, cheer up, try at least. i wish you more pictures and memories

  3. awwwww :(

    pero sis i think may prob din blog natin eh :(

    i always visit your site and some of the pics were gone na like your post sa 24k nail polish :(

    ganun din sakin old post naman di na ma view yung pics wala naman ako dinedelete

    1. sis ganun ba? hindi ko alam na wala yung ibang pics. hay im still on my mourning days. I cant upload post yet....

      pero malapit ko na mahanap ang urge na magblog ulit...

      this is the 2nd time na nawala ang files ko. nung una yung hardrive na naondoy. nandun lahat ng files ko specially pictures na naipon ko nung nasa japan ako :( so sad pero wala na ko magawa kundi tanggapin na lang...I hope I can go back to my track again...

    2. yup hayy ako din pinipilit ko mag blog kahit paano!

      post ko swatches of the bk nail polish check mo na lang later

  4. thanks sis

    how r u na?

    mukhang tinamad ka na mag update ng blog ahhhh

  5. ok naman ako, trying to blog again pero ibang URL 2 post pa lang yun at hindi nail art or makeup blog. nagiisip pa din kung ano ang ggwin :) .

    hindi rin kasi ako nakakpagnail art nitong mga nakaraan may bago kasi ako pinagkakaabalahan. pets :) kaya eto ang kuko ko naked ilang linggo na....may instagram ka ba sis? kung meron add mo ko eyerin30....

    nga pala ang dami mo na nail polish kung ppano ka bumili ng damit ganun din sa nail polish maramihan...kaloka ^_^

    be safe :p

  6. why did you throw your rain np away?

    1. hindi ko tinapon sis, pinamigay ko sa mga pinsan ko. dumami na kasi yung mga nail polish ko nun kaya pinamigay ko na yung iba .

      wala na ko nakikita na RAIN mukang mgganda yung glitters nila

      tsaka sa bazaar(tiangge) ko lang nakita rain noon


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