Teal I die

One Thursday morning when I was bored and nothing to do in the office I decided to do nail art. I came up with this because this are the things I have in the my kit.

I applied NYX girls Nail polish in Bermuda Triangle as my base. after 30 minutes I applied the glitter LA colors Color craze in Aqua crystal and put a nail sticker for dramatic effect ;p may ganun :)

I came up with this
 I also posted this in my Instagram account . you might wanna follow me my name there is Eyerin30

More pictures

Oh how I love this teal nail polish. I heart you so much.

If you  don't have an Instagram account you can still check my instagram via this site Webstagram

You will find artistic nail art artist in Instagram and some Showbiz personality too :)

It's more in Instagram. Sharing pictures and make it more artistic with just a touch :p


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