Caviar Manicure

Caviar Manicure is trending nowadays, I saw a lot of pictures on blogs, Facebook, Instagram...etc

I love how it looks but definitely it won't last that long because it will easily torn off when you wash your hand or the urge to take it off (like me :p guilty of making kutkut) my curiosity  made me try this trending manicure. I have beads sitting in my stash for a long time now. I tried it with NYX girls nail polish in pistachio.

 I also posted this on Instagram follow me if you want :) eyerin30

Caviar Manicure is a little messy you need to have a small rectangular container to catch the beads after pouring it to the still wet base coat. patient in doing Nail art is indeed necessary. if u don't have that better buy a pack in a drugstore :)

Sephora was one of the first company introduced the Caviar manicure they are selling it on their site click here for more info. The set includes the base coast,beads and a small funnel for 25USD. takai na~ kaimasen.

 Cute bottles ey? I love it to bits but I have much important things to buy than this. besides I can find an alternative rather than spend bucks for this.

You can buy the beads in you r favorite nail art store. I bought mine 100/set it has 5 colors .

If you will try this Caviar Manicure what color you will sprinkle your nails?
Don't put it on your lips you might swallow it...TC!



  1. I love that color! It's kind of a Tiffany blue. ;)

  2. IT is a dupe 'FOR AUDREY' :)

    try; between mauve and purple by NYX G. / fierce purple and the taupe.


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