What's for Dinner?

Everyday is a struggle for me to think on how to satisfy my family with my cooking. I think every mother was in this kind of state like me. everyday thinking about what's for dinner? ugh... haist...sigh...

Back then when I was still single I don't need to cook for myself because I have my loving Lola to cook for me. I was never taught how to cook because I never showed my interest in cooking. I thought I don't need to learn. but after being married at least knowledge on how to cook basic Filipino food is compulsory.

I once thought after a few days of marriage how will I feed my family if I don't know how to cook. I know how to fry but it all end up burned. :(..

and if I fry all the food we eat that is unhealthy specially for me during that time I was pregnant. I need to make action I need to make plan for us. I texted my grandma to ask for her recip. or how to cook adobo. my lola helped me step by step. she is a good cook she's bicolana she love's gata (coconut milk). I grew up eating eveything with gata. from pork,fish to vegetables.

I finally learned the basic of cooking and some of it with the help of Internet. In the internet you can find wide variety of recipe and how to cook tutorial on of my fave blogger is The Harassed mom's food journey. She post her cooking recipe which is very helpful for me. I can get Ideas from her blog. In fact I might try her Chicken Satay

Looks enticing right? I will try her recipe on of these days. need to buy the things she used for this dish.

Here's the peanut sauce she made. I love peanut *_*


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  1. wow, thanks for your kind words! :) i hope you can try it and post with results as well :)


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