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Hi! this is the continuation of lipstick collection . I will show you my lipsticks and swatches. but before that you might wanna check Denise Katipunera's post about lipstick. it's interesting you might wanna try it..it's fun :)

Anyhoo here are the pictures

 Elf gypsy(129.00php): I like this fuchsia pink lipstick. I wear this whenever I feel like wearing dark pink lippie :)  color is opaque enough for my taste. color stays quite long. it has this thick consistency that makes this lippie stays longer.

Elf Seductive(same) : this is my to go lippie. whenever im in a hurry this is my reliable lippie. she's always in my vanity kit. color is opaque. color stays quite long.
Ever bilena in Cherish (forgot the price): I bought this just to have a neutral shade in my stash. but recently im liking the color pay off. I use this to my mom and she said the color is nice esp for morena filipina's like us :) nice choice ma'
Ever bilena in rosette (forgot the price): the rave in this lippie made me buy this lippie. the color is great but consistency is sheer. maybe too loud for my skin type. but im not afraid to wear loud pink nowadays.

Next stop

Maybelline in Coral pink - I forgot the price. this is one of my first lipsticks, it's one of my favorite too because you can wear it everyday my on the go lippie. For a natural look I always depend on this one

Pink lipstick from Japan- I don't know the name :) sorry. my first loud pink lipstick. I love the color pay off it really stays long.  I use this for special ocassion or if I want to have a different look.

Etude house- Bought this lipstick in SM Masinag. along with other Etude house goodies. I love their Mascara I ran out of it so I will probably buy again. their eyeshadow base is good too. I highly recommend it <3. for a demure look this lipstick is good to go. it's sheer, so better apply it 2-3 depends on how opaque u want it to be

San San in 05 - this is my Coral lipstick I swapped with my cousin. I love this coral because it suits my morena skin. this lipstick need to retire don't you think?



 4u2 lipstick envy 08 - this is matte with moisturizer in the center. this a coral matte that I really like. as you aged I believe that you opt not to choose those makeup with shimmer,frosted or a teenage like colors like pastels.

Nichido in Glamour- My red oh so red lipstick. it's matte :) I like this for pictures. never used this for going outside I don't have guts yet. maybe someday :)

Avon Toasted Rose - this is also matte. it was not intentional to put all the matte here :) color is pink to nude. easy to glide on and never dried my lips though it's matte. Avon is very reliable when it comes to makeup.


These are my gloss 

From left to right: Maybelline,???? stuart (gift form my aunt), KATE, Dior, Careline lipgloss, and ELF

Finally im done :)


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