Model's own Analise Pink

Bought this lipstick online (Facebook) thru Makeup stash. it was on sale lucky me :) bought this for only 199php. some sell this for 430php, 380php....etc. I also bought the red one I will create a different post for that.

back in collge you will never see me wear this kind of bold pink lipstick. but nowadays I would like to try different colors. colors that I was afraid to try on back then. colors I thought would be so loud for my skin tone. All along I thought PINK was only for white girls only. boy but I was wrong.....confidence is the key and if it suits you then go for it.

things to remember when wearing a pink lipstick. if you will use this kind of pink lipstick it's better if your makeup is just toned down so it won't be so loud like your scaring the world. it's ok to have a makeup on as long as it looks natural on you or it pretiffys your face. makeup does not have to change your skin color , makeup helps us to be more beautiful.I hope this little piece of advice helps.

Being playful with colors and makeup is now in :)

I just have a foundation a little blush. sorry for the incomplete makeup I was excited to try this on..

and oh! I had a lipstick accident after that picture.  I dropped it! oh dear god! fortunately it was the tip of the lipstick only not the whole thing. at least I can still use it but a little deformed.



  1. I like this color on you, it looks really nice!


  2. Thank you :) it's so pigmented it's worth the money ^_^


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