Hanson nail art

   Any of you know the Hanson? For those who don’t know Hanson. Hanson is a boy band consist of 3 boys they are brothers and their band name actually their last name. Name’s are Isaac, Taylor and Zac. Isaac is the eldest then next is Taylor then Zac, They have other sibs just google it if you want to know more about them.
   I was a fan since 4th year high school (1998), at first I thought Taylor is a girl that’s why I don’t mind them, but knowing they are boys and good singer I was an instant fan since then. I buy any magazine/songhits foreign or local that has anything to do about them. Loads of pictures, I spent all day to the internet just to read bio,listen to their music browse their pictures. I was an avid fan back then. I still love them up to now even though they have their own family right now . Keep it up Hanson!

I’m a proud Hanson fan for life!

The face shop nail polish forgot the code ~_~ Php95.00 random design fimo and rhinestone
I did this nail just random nail art just came up to mu mind to put the Hanson logo on my ring finger



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