fake and natural looking nails

Hi there Sunshine!

Water decal in brown dragon
After the fake nails here comes my natural looking nails. I just want to add about the fake nails it's hard to remove if your using a good quality bond for fake nails. I bought mine in Saizen galleria for Php99.00

ii tenki tsuzukimashitara ii ne(it's better if the good weather will continue)
Are you comfortable wearing fake nails? You love wearing long natural looking fake nails? Me, I don’t really like it but for the sake of experience I tried it twice. The first time I tried it I wanted to swatch my green BK nail polish I just bought I though this is good for a long nails so I tried the fake nails. The second I wanted to try the water decal it’s better if my nail are long so for the 2nd time I wore it again. For both I was satisfied with it I just had hard time texting, typing and scratching any part of my body because the fake nail is sticking out and it’s not sturdy enough to scratch on things like my skin. Plus, in the morning I will find 1 nail missing or 2.
All in all I was satisfied with it and would love to try it again for occasion or nail polish swatches.

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