Yamaha Fino

We bought this baby September of 2010. According to hubby this will be my scooter so I can ride this alone when going to work at first I was afraid because I don’t want to meet accidents or injured anyone by driving recklessly. Because of my hubby’s support I got the courage to ride it alone I even rode to the house of my friend which is kinda far from our house. Brave girl huh? Hehehe

On the road you need to concentrate and 100% focus should be there specially in manila. Traffic here is such a challenge added to that the reckless driver around you. Riding a motorcycle indeed a dangerous mode of vehicle but it has advantages too. Here in manila narrow streets and road is a normal thing so having a motorcycle is an essential as you drive in a narrow street or in a traffic. So if your late you can have your twist and turn. Make sure you are used to this kind of driving before trying it for yourself.

Road is dangerous to everyone. Please drive carefully.

Thats my little girl riding my fino. we did some customization a decal exclusive for fino

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