University belt in recto

Went to Recto Manila last Tuesday (July 5, 2011 ) wala lang I just want to stroll around the place where I experienced a lot from life,love,studies,gimik,money and everything.

An introduction of Recto Manila or University belt or Ubelt for some of the students. University belt has a lot of university cant count how many . famous schools are FEU,UE,baste,beda,CEU….and a lot lot more.

I spent the best of my life here I experienced my 1st brokenheart experience it was devastating but It was ok because I know there are lots of fish in the sea :) most important is I learned from my mistake and not to be fooled again by anybody. Be strong and go on live again to the fullest, be happy and be contented with what you have.

Since recto has a lot of people from all types!…mind you from all types so be aware and be extra careful when you go here. Demons and angels are roaming around even the angel looking but deep inside they are demons who wont do good on you…sorry for the word. One time going back to school from lunch. My bag was a backpack then. Someone is opening my backpack’s pocket to my surprise a stranger who seems to be a pickpocketeer is opening my bag. Lucky me I sense it soon so my cellphone was not pickpocketed by that stupid guy. When I saw him he just went to the other side as if nothing happened. Is that his everyday job? As if it’s normal for him? Due to poverty they are pressured to look for any kind of work I guess.

Recto has a lot of food stalls that you can choose from. from de Kariton (pushcart like food cart) to a real food restaurant. Since the place has lots of students a need for an affordable food is a must. The day I went there I ate the burger along the road better than the Jollibee I thought. Jollibee can cost much pa. Added info Recto/Ubelt is abundant in Computer shops where you can rent a computer and surf whatever you need or chat to a stranger and have an eyeball around the vicinity. but be carefull when meeting someone you dont know you might met get into trouble. also you can search and print out whatevak assignment you have. Recto has a lot of thins to offer from bad vices to good vices, I love recto because it sells 2nd hand books from academic,magazine,pocketbook,dictionary....etc

If you plan to go here please don't bring too much money or jewelry for your protection be extra alert in your sorroundings. Recto will teach you how to be brave :) ingat! Enjoy your trip as much as I enjoyed mine reminiscing the past.
Rain poured that day. That made the transportation more difficult. LRT is congested and so as the road with people and vehicles.

It’s nice to be back again in recto so many dreams and experience I had with this place I will definitely be back again with my hubby marami pa ako babalikan. .

Enjoy the pics

                                 The gate of FEU. full of students from different courses I guess
That day I ate buger along the street it was raining but I had fun . I ordered burger with ham and cheese for only 20 pesos and softdrinks for only 16 pesos. affordable di ba.  I also munch into hilaw na mangga,calamares and kwek kwek (a quailegg dip into orange mix flour and dip fried,Calamares is squid sliced into thin dip in flavored flour)
because it's raining hard to get into a jeep . right side is a peanut vendor for 5 pesos you'll get a small bag of peanuts
                                I opted for LRT because it will take me home fast than jeep or bus
line to buy LRT ticket. sorry I cant rotate the pic. ticket will cost you 15 pesos one way. from recto station to Santolan station. honey will pick me up in Santolan Pasig so I dont have to ride a jeep from LRT.

That's all for now !

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