Bobbie: green combo

Feeling green? Feeling nature? You want to be different sometime? Then wear your favorite green nail polish!
Wearing green nail polish is a no no for other girls because green is kind of loud color. I love this color because it can change the mood right away.
My green combo are all from local brand here in the Philippines called Bobbie a non toxin nail polish that is very affordable.

Bobbie green nail polish are
Candy cane : a glittery green (I love this color definitely my fave if I want to brighten up my day)
Emerald: not yet tried maybe someday
Grass skirt: I love the light green color it suits any kind of skin color
Lush: I love the deep green color it makes me think of nature


Here’s my nail when I did my green nail art day
How about you? Do you have your favorite green nail polish?
Care to share it with me?

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