Cutex Matte Nail polish

Bought 1 nail polish in watson which is Cutex in Black. Because I wanted black nail polish and saw the stall in Watson I tried it right away I was satisfied with it and I love it actually. It glides easily and drying time is a breeze. After a day or two I bought again 2 nail polish same collection in blue and in green. I haven’t tried the green yet the blue one? I love it to the max! Royal blue I guess. Basta ang ganda ng finish sa nails promise!

This collection has a special sticker at the handle of the brush it says “for best look skip top coat”.

Enjoy the pics

                                                                          Cutex haul
                                                                   with flash indoor
                                                                   w/o flash
Blue: under the spell Black: Think I goth it Green: sppoktacular

damage: 109.75 pesos per bottle
available at all leading department stores


  1. This is pretty. It's not matte matte. More like velvety.

  2. exactly.... tried the matte NP of etude house was not satisfied with the finish


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