Filipino custom

When was the last time you ate Taho? (taho is a Filipino snack made up of processed soy beans...it's very soft, it could melt in your mouth easily..it is mixed with pearl tapioca and caramelized brown sugar..this is very popular to every filipino cause it really tastes good.) This snackis better in morning lalo na pag mainit init pa...hmmm sarap
Bye Manong Taho!
When was the last time you rode a Jeepney? Do you how much is the current fare is? if not for 2011 it's P8.00 per 4 kilometres if not mistaken. correct me if im wrong. Jeepney is popular having a colorful designs, long and a little noisy they are very outrageous in the road so beware if you are beside a jeepney.
Went to Lemery batangas with hubby's motorcycle club. the usual view in provinces. it's called sampayan.
it's not a province it you dont have animals like this a piglet :) she's still young and need to gain more weight so she be sell to the market for a good price. (hubby's cousin)
Filipino love to mingle and talk about anything under the sun
nice sunny day
going home from a long ride Lemery batangas to Cainta rizal. that's my brother in law and his cousin

yoi yume naru you ni! (have a nice dream)

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