LS2 helmet

I own a scooter. having a safe helmet is a must have for a rider like me. Honey bought this for me in moto world located in Eastwood Libis. This helmet cost Php2,300. Im loving the design and the color it's so girly like me. plus a full face helmet to save me from an accident that might occur while on the road. once you have a baby you will think twice because a little life is depending on you what will gonna happen to her if im gone? i dont want that to happen so god bless me all day everyday. (rhyme to ah)
Front view
Side View
Back view
other side view
comfy helmet but if you have makeup will probably be gone because helmet should perfectly fit your face or else it wont save your life. I cant even wear earrings with this. my previous helmet was half face type so I can still wear makeup and chandelier like earrings but with this no more full makeup and long earrings.

safety strap

just pull the red to loosen the strap
LS2 famous in producing quality helmet

kiotsukete ne!

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  1. CUUTEEE! that is so girly!! love!

    btw, thank you deary!! appreciate it a lot!!! mmuaah!


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