Random nail art

Hello Sunshine! Finally Mr. Sun came up and kiss our skin at matutuyo na ang sinampay namen. Just a random post of my recent Nail art. Enjoy and leave a comment if you want
I used Crayon nail polish and stamped it with simple flowers
Cutex in skip the top coat collection in velvety blue 109.75 @ watson
The most rave about summer collection of Caronia SUMMER BLISS. dont remeber the names just check in google na lang po
I lack one color the one in green

Again Cutex in skip top coat collection obviously this is black in "you goth it black"


  1. Love your blog! You've a new follower ♡ you make me wanna put nail poliiiish hahaha xx Forever Nineteen

  2. @Chari thanks for the follow :) ill follow back...^_^


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