This is the first time dining in BANAPPLE. Actually this is my 2nd time the first time was cancelled because the resto was jampack so we opt to go somewhere else. The 2nd time was just an ordinary day so the resto has a lot of space for us  it was about time to lunchtime so upon eating the food we ordered customer are coming in for lunch. That day I thought my tummy will explode because im literally fullpack. Hubby’s fault he wanted me to eat well and be well? Or be fat? Hehe whatever…he’s sweet enough to take me on a date after some time this was day the that we actually had a date just the 2 of us. It’s really important to take a break from kids. Just the two of you taking your time without kids.

Para kaming magBF and GF…I can really tell the difference of BF and GF. Iba na talaga pag magasawa na kayo at may kids. Altough I love being alone with my hubby I still cant keep myself thinking it should be fun if the kids are with us…on the contrary it’s fun yes…but for sure I wont be able to enjoy my food if my little 2 yr old girl is with me. She’ll probably play around and play with the enticing food that’s infront of her.

Back to the resto BANAPPLE, this resto is so famous that we have to try it for ourselves if it’s really delicious the ambience is so great, cozy and relaxing. Though, the sound is kinda loud I hope they would change it into a jazzy,classical or country songs so it would fit the theme of the restaurant. I think it has 3 banapple in the metro the one we ate at is the one on the right side along contis.

Sa sobrang kabusugan at wala nang mapaglagyan nakakahiya man but nature called me ….*_^ dyahe

All in all the food as great lalo na yung tuna sandwich na nagmamalaki. Kaya lang yung best seller was a bit sweet nakakasawa. Don’t like the chocolate peanut butter shake. You will taste the choco at first then peanut butter in the end. I feel awkward kasi feeling ko umiinom ako ng peanu butter sandwich….that’s all let the pictures speak for itself…enjoy

The Banapple

           Cakes and pastries : we tried blueberry cheesecake. serving is ok but the cake itself did not satisfy us
    Cute table of BANAPPLE nice and cozy place di va? restroom is in the end of the resto nice din don
                             Couch corner we transfer after the guy left the table. not comfy though
                               The restroom cool in the eyes. I want this wall for my kids room the color ha
                                                                     wash area

                                                               FOOD PORN

                                                         the big Tuna sandwich
I forgot na I think P165
                          Honey ordered Beef salpicao. I asked him if he`s satisfied. ok lang daw.
The enticing tuna sandwich...yum yum

I think this cost P200 plus I forgot
 According to the waitress this their best seller that`s why I ordered it. serving is ok pag malaking tao ang kumain tama lang but for me this is too much I ate sandwich pa and a smoothie on the side. I nees to take out the blueberry cheesecake. my tummy cant take it anymore :) oh by the way this is too sweet for my taste.although i love sweet foods but this is so sweet.
Smoothies are both P90 pesoses
As you can see I was not able to finish my food. those glass were our smoothie. next time we wont order drinks we will settle for water na lang hehehe.

damage: 750 for 2

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