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Oh my gulay! I still cant get enough of Hanson...Monday na...I'm still drunk from their Meet & Greet and concert in Smart Araneta Coliseum..When can I revive myself and put my inner self into reality? Well I don't care na din cause I'm loving the feeling...been watching and listening to their music even the old albums right now

Meet and greet last 3.29.2012 (Thursday) was fun. Though there's a lot of Fansons (Hanson Fans) eager to see the Hanson and blocking my way and my camera. Kabaligtaran masaya ako kasi I know lot's of Filipino still love Hanson after so many years of being in the music industry. Though this is just their 2nd time here in the Philippines...It's more fun in the Philippines Hanson so please make sure to come back anytime soon :D

I Bought the best of 5 DVD with their sign on it :) I'm a happy Fan..thank you Hanson!! I got the chance of shaking their hands and see them face to face, Though it was just a penny second it worth a million for me.

And then finally Friday came which I called TGIHD (Thank god it's hanson day!), I prep myself for work but all I can think about is the concert ...It was still morning but the butterflies in my tummy are also panicking because of the special day...then lunch time came....clock is ticking so slow..I was busy using facebook, twitter, blog and forum. sorry boss I took my off without your knowledge :D...forgive me this is my day ^_^. but, to my dismay training took some of my day.

but but but!!!! it made my day pa rin....

Oh! the best things in life are free!  I was about to buy my ticket from an online seller but my friend wowee offered me a free ticket...Luck ey? I don't have to spend money...what more exciting is I won a Hanson free ticket from Myx Philippines. The ticket was patron for 2. I got to bring my hubby and 2 friends :). I am so much in luck...

Their Shout It Out album world tour was my 1st ever concert I've been for Hanson. The last time they were here was 2004 but I was not able to watch. This is a dream come true. now, I am fully satisfied...Like I can die now :) joke!

Here are the pics I took and processed it myself

I love Jordan Taylor Hanson from the very beginning...he's still hot as ever
Isaac the eldest among the trio. he's so good in guitar. hubby told me he has about 8 guitars...whatta heck. I don't even know a note
Zac is so good in drums I love the way he slam the drums...I always wanted to learn how to play drums but no chance :(
Energy is so high until the end of the concert...I love Tay!
I hope next time they will interact with the crowd more. It was a little short concert, make it a little longer next time. I'd be happy to hear a little story from you guys too. about how you feel about the fans going gaga over you after 15 years.
 me, with the amazing trio, enjoying my self in front of the stage with my honey : not front really , a little front. he's my videographer so I can enjoy the concert in full color :p. lower right was my nail art during the concert. that's my rendition of Hanson SIO album cover. It was not exactly the way it is but I love it anyway...music in my nails \(^_^)/

KC Concepcion was in there too dancing all through out the concert. hubby saw her and was starstruck by her beauty. he even took a video of KC...what the heck! kutos ka! told him to stop and concentrate on his task ...indeed she's a beauty and sexy. I  think hubby is now inlove with KC coz he keeps on talking about how sexy she is ,how cute her abs is.I dont ker!

she's with her baklalush friends. being an artist she got the most rewarding part taking picture with Hanson in the dressing room after the concert...what more is Hanson is replying from her tweets, some fans got jealous of that. who won't?

Pictures from DAYLY entertainment..Thank you for bringing them hear in the Philippines. sa uulitin!

It was a fantastic week. work mode again. my normal life again..to Hanson keep your music alive! keep on rocking my world..love u guys!  ~_~

Honey, thank you for being with me.. I appreciate it so much. I know you enjoyed it too...because of KC Concepcion.


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