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Sorry for the above post. Im just blabbing. back in 2005 I was still single then, I was ask by my aunt if I want to continue my studies in college. I said yes. I don't actually know where the idea of learning Japanese came from. I can't remember if my aunt's idea or mine. she gave me an option to study here in manila or in Japan? hhmmmm...of course for greater opportunity I chose Japan.

First plan was to study Japanese and work there as a Caregiver. I also Studied Caregiver course in Q.C.
then short Japanese course in Vito Cruz. Lagare ako nung time na yan kasi after ng Caregiver class I would go straight to Manila for my Japanese lesson.

Then 2006 came my Elligibility paper and Visa was approved. BF (now hubby) was with me all the time from processing my papers until the day I went to the airport to go to Japan. From that on, long distance relationship began. of course he don't want me to leave but this is what I want in life and he respect that.

We send messages thru Friendster telling me how hurt he was without me by his side. he cried when he saw me entering the airport. he cried inside my room. as in hagulgol daw according to my lola. it hurts but I have to be brave, both of us. months and years past (2 years). We continue communicating thru any means of communication. YM,friendster, cellphone and email. It was hard but we did it hand in hand. He will call me and I will call him too, expensive but the love from him is priceless so I don't mind.

December of 2007 Aunt, cousin and me went home for holidays. a 1 week vacation without the new year because we went back Dec 31. gosh! that's the loneliest new year ever because in Japan they don't do loud firecrackers but they just visit temple and pray to their ancestors. and go to the highest place like mountain to see the first Sunrise.

May of 2008 I went home in the Philippines. BF prepared a welcome party for me ^_^
 it was small but I feel very loved by him. A warm welcome that I will never forget.
Sorry for the long post  @_@

Here's my pic
My pic during my cousin and I trip to Kyoto (Kyoto Train Station)

Our Class consist of Vietnamese,Chinese, Nepali,Sri Lankan,Myanmar,Indonesian,Filipino our Japanese teachers

My favorite sensei. me and fellow Filipino students performed tinikling and taiko

Summer time is Yukata time *_^
With my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. Back in Japan I don't usually wear makeup nor paint my nails. i think in 2007 . I started watching youtube makeup tutorials that's when I started putting on makeup and basic nail polish color like black and nude.

Pictorial mode. it was fun trip to Kyoto because it was just us. That time I know how to read and speak Japanese it was 2007

 to end this post let me end it with our wacky picture. Oh! her name is Erika. she's now in College taking up International 
Studies in Nagoya Japan
 ***I am now working in a company where I am using what I had learned in Japan
*** I wanted to post all my pictures but you'll get tired in looking in those pic if u want nasa FaceBook ko lahat



  1. I have always wanted to visit Japan but since the radiation came out after the disaster, I cannot convince my family to go there :(

    1. It's really a nice place. I hope someday you can visit Japan ^_^V


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