For Sale Diana Nail Polish and Rucy's Vanity NP

I was love at first sight with this nail polish. because of it's beauty,affordability and drying time is satisfactory. I promised myself to find where I can buy this product. I searched on the Internet and I found a blogger that she bought her Diana in a Korean Store in Monumento. I went there but to no luck no Diana in the display of nail polishes. >_<

I found 1 online seller of Diana Nail Polish. but one of the comment from her sulit ad that her Diana is not reasonable as per price. I did not order from her but continue my journey of finding  my Diana :)

Yesterday, I search for diana again. to my surprise a new poster in sulit caught my attention. they are selling Diana retail/wholesale. an idea came to me, why not sell the things that I love? I've been thinking of having my own business online. this might be my start.

went to Rucy's Vanity after my work in pasig. I just want to visit their office and see if it's really Diana. we talk a little about on how can I resell the items. it's as easy as 123 u just have to pay the products and voila you can take it home and do your thing. Surprisingly, Hubby told me that I can buy the things I want. esp. nail polish. and so I chose the color I want,paid and went home. I hope lucky is in me.

gudluck to me and Thank you hon!

you can check Rucy's Vanity HERE for more Korean products in a very affordable price

I will upload all the colors on hand thru facebook. wait for it ne?~


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