Tutuban night market

Last week me and my cousin went to tutuban along with my makulit daughter. It was tiring pero ok lang madami naman nabili, actually konti lang as in yung mga kailangan lang.

just be safe if you plan to go in this kind of place and have someone to come with you. better to bring enough money no extra please. no credit card here kaya ready your cash. and dont forget to scatter your money if worst comes to worst you still have extra money to take you home.

just enjoy and be aware of your surroundings specially to your back,right and left side.

here are the pics

crowded night market of tutuban

 whenever you feel hungry there's always food that you can count on. in a very affordable price. cousin bought the lumpiang sariwa for only 20 pesos per piece. palabok looks enticing

your palate will surely salavate with these goodies

 cute peacock necklace

foodcourt at the back that has tables and chairs
waiting for my mama to go home. that's my cousin joy

nice view of tutuban mall

texting here is a no no specially if you're alone. but you can see police and security guards around. but better be safe than sorry. manila is manila



  1. di ko pa natry mag night market sa tutuban.

  2. hi Eye! i love tutuban. Back in college every tuesday nanjan kami ng bestfriend ko to shop. oh i miss that place. it's been 6 years siguro the last time anjan ako.

    btw i am Denise_Katipunera sa instagram. sorry late reply.


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